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Recipes with broccoli for children. Healthy and nutritious

Recipes with broccoli for children. Healthy and nutritious

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We have selected some recipes with broccoli specially made for children who tend to reject vegetables before even trying them, at mealtime.

Broccoli or broccoli is one of the vegetables that contribute the most to children's health. It is rich in calcium, iron, fibers, antioxidants, making it ideal for fighting anemia, obesity, bone problems, constipation, etc. It also contains folic acid, phosphorus and potassium, very beneficial for pregnant women.Broccoli is recognized for its value as an anticancer.

Although the appearance of broccoli does not arouse the attention or interest of children, you can find here recipes with broccoli very appetizing, light and tasty. Take advantage of the beneficial properties of broccoli and prepare these delicious and easy recipes. You are going to surprise everyone, friends and family.

Homemade broccoli recipes for the whole family

Creamy broccoli soup with cheddar cheese. We have made a healthy broccoli cream with cheddar cheese. A homemade recipe for family lunch or dinner. Broccoli is a vegetable that provides calcium, iron and prevents constipation in children and pregnant women. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Broccoli omelette. Recipe with vegetables. Broccoli omelette recipe for children. our site offers us an easy, healthy and very rich recipe for broccoli omelette. Broccoli provides vitamins and prevents cardiovascular disease, strengthens bones and has antioxidants.

Broccoli burger with carrot. Follow our homemade carrot broccoli burger recipe for kids' lunch or dinner. our site teaches us the step by step of a quick and easy recipe for children to eat vegetables. Broccoli is a vegetable rich in calcium and fiber.

Baked broccoli, carrot, corn and pea pancakes. With this easy and homemade recipe you will learn how to make a fun recipe for a broccoli pancake with carrots, peas and baked corn. A healthy recipe that everyone will like. Discover the benefits of this rich vegetable in the diet of children and pregnant women.

Broccoli croquettes stuffed with cheese. Croquettes are very traditional in Spanish cuisine and one of the favorite appetizers of children. It is a versatile dish for any occasion. On our site we teach you how to make broccoli and cheese croquettes. What more can we ask for?

Broccoli lasagna. Homemade recipe. Broccoli lasagna recipe step by step. At Guiainfantil we teach you to make appetizing vegetable recipes for children easily and quickly.

Broccoli gratin with béchamel sauce. Broccoli recipe gratin with béchamel sauce. our site shows you the step by step of a recipe rich in vitamins and minerals: Broccoli gratin with béchamel sauce or white sauce. An easy, homemade and delicious recipe.

Broccoli quiche with Roquefort cheese. The broccoli quiche with Roquefort cheese forms a most surprising combination. Follow a versatile, different, easy and exquisite recipe for a family party, for children's birthdays, etc.

Broccoli cream for babies. If you want the recipe for a puree or cream of a rich and healthy vegetable, follow this recipe that our site offers us. An easy, simple and very quick recipe to make. A creamy, quick recipe that babies, children and the whole family will love.

Potatoes stuffed with broccoli and cheese. Recipe for potatoes or potatoes stuffed with broccoli and cheese. We teach you to make a dish that children will eat vegetables without protesting. A rich, simple and very easy recipe to prepare for lunch or dinner. A healthy recipe for the whole family. our site shows us how to prepare it, step by step.

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