A new year: great occasion to motivate children

A new year: great occasion to motivate children

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The new year is approaching and it is normal that many of us wish that our plans and projects come to fruition or, at least, that they are well under way. This is a good time to teach our children to motivate themselves and to set small goals to work on during the new year, or before the beginning of any important stage in their lives. Motivation is the engine that moves us to achieve the objectives we have set ourselves.

If we manage to stimulate our children to take control of their purposes, it is the same as getting a motivated child, with high self-esteem and good availability to overcome difficulties, improve and grow in all aspects of life.

My son's teacher, at the beginning of the year, encouraged all his students to write what they wanted to achieve for the new course, It was not about academic aspects (she would take care of that), but personal, about attitude towards a new stage.

My son wrote something like: 'This course I want to be a good friend. Obey the teacher, be a good student, worker and a good athlete. I want to be happy and be a little more mature and generous. '

All the students, once their resolutions had been written, posted their intentions on the class cork notice board to keep it in mind and look at it during the school year.

It seemed like an excellent idea to me; by the end of the course everyone could read what they had aspired to, and know if they had finally succeeded or not. But the most important thing, in my opinion, is not so much in achieving it or not, but in working to achieve it, in making it present and in valuing the effort of our children to achieve it.

Moving our son to have small plans and to motivate them in their realization will undoubtedly help him to try to improve and work on his behavior, his responsibility, his companionship, his enthusiasm ... These are very simple things, but very important, already that will help you grow. Children have to learn to know themselves, to know that they can, with their effort, collect the fruits of the small seeds that you have sown.

In our hands we have many and very different tools or resources that can help us in our goal of transmitting to children the value of effort and the importance of setting goals for the new year. Below we have put together a short list that could serve as inspiration. However, do not hesitate to add all the tools that you can think of to achieve your purpose: to achieve your dreams in the year that starts!

1. Write a list of resolutions for the New Year
Let us encourage our children to write in a few short lines their resolutions for the new year, not conditioned by us, but from their own motivation, from their young minds, from their own reflection and sincerity.

We should not become obsessed with whether these purposes are superbig or far-fetched. Sometimes the simplest goals are the most important to meet. Some purposes that children could write about are, for example, to keep the room tidy for longer or to help more with household chores.

2. Share our own list of purposes with the children
It will also be very positive that we, the parents, write our own list of resolutions for the new year and share it with the children. This will serve as an example for children who, when they see us striving to fulfill them (because we surely fulfill them) they will be motivated to work for their own.

In addition, knowing that the children are watching us surely motivate us even more to achieve our goals.

3. Start the Happiness Jar game at home
To increase the motivation and positivity of children, but also of the rest of the family, we suggest you start playing the game of the jar of happiness. It is as simple as taking a jar that we have at home, although it is also worth a box, and every day write on a small paper (which we will put in the container) something good that has happened throughout the day to each member of the family.

At the end of the week, you have to get all these messages out and read them out loud. In this way, both children and adults will realize the amount of good news or good times that we have experienced in recent days.

4. Point children to an activity that motivates them
Does your child go to after-school classes? There are certain activities that can be very motivating for children, such as sports or music. Therefore, taking your children to different workshops or classes in which what they like is promoted can bring them a lot of happiness and the desire to achieve everything they set out to do. In addition, what these types of activities achieve is to transmit to children the ability to make an effort and get the best out of themselves.

For this to happen, we must find the activity that best suits the needs and tastes of our children. And it is that not everything goes and everything is going to make them happy. To find out which is the best workshop for our little one, it is best to ask him directly: What would you like to do after school? Is there something that interests you in particular? However, it is also essential to observe them, so as not to fall into the mistake of pointing them to the extracurricular activity that is fashionable or to which their friends are enrolled.

5. Read stories that talk about effort
Stories and fables are a little treasure in which parents can support each other to transmit different values ​​to children. In this case, we must look for titles that speak about the value of effort and personal work. Although they seem very complicated to find stories, they are simply small stories in which the characters face situations that require some effort on their part. Guide the reading and ask your children questions so that they reflect on what they are reading.

Here we propose a small selection of stories that could help you.

May all your projects bear fruit! Happy New Year to all!

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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