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The baby in the 11th week of pregnancy inside the mother's womb

The baby in the 11th week of pregnancy inside the mother's womb

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In the 11th week of pregnancy, the baby is still very happy in its mother's belly. There she grows and develops in a normal way, while her mother crosses the days to have her little one close to her. To make the wait more bearable, we tell you how is the baby in the 11th week of pregnancy in mom's gut.

From this week it is no longer called an embryo to be called a fetus and its size is approximately between 4 to 6 centimeters and it weighs about 8 grams, that is, Its size is similar to that of a lemon or lime and its appearance is practically human.

Although you will not feel them yet, their movements are more active, since their head will acquire a lot of mobility because they already have a longer neck. The ears have already migrated to their normal position and the palate is already formed in the mouth. As for the hands, they open and close and their fingers are separated because the membranes that united them have disappeared.

As for its skin, it is very thin and so transparent that its blood vessels can be seen, cartilage and its growing organs. Your diaphragm, which is the muscle under your chest cavity, develops and you will begin to hiccup, which is a sign of readiness for breathing outside the uterine cavity.

Urine begins to produce and it will be one of the components of the amniotic fluid and it will also begin to produce its own red blood cells. The bladder and rectum have already been separated this week. And something very important is that your ovaries begin to develop, if it is a girl, or the testicles, if it is a boy.

During the 11th week of pregnancy, with an abdominal ultrasound you can confirm the gestational age, with three important measurements: biparental diameter or diameter of the fetal head, the length of its femur bone and the abdominal circumference. And through a sample of the amniotic fluid, called the amniocentesis test or fetal blood, the possibility of suffering from Down syndrome or another genetic abnormality can be confirmed or ruled out.

Already this week you are close to starting the second trimester, therefore the morning discomfort of nausea and vomiting will decrease a lot, as well as the risk of miscarriages. Your body already begins a calmer stage and gradually adapts to changes.

Hormonal modifications and increased blood circulation will make you notice many changes, such as nails and hair may feel stronger or weaker. You may also feel that you are producing more saliva (hypersalivation) and that you have a more sensitive sense of smell, but this does not cause as much discomfort.

You will continue to feel sensitive, you may even feel like crying frequently, You will also stay with some fatigue, tiredness and a lot of sleep. Other symptoms that remain are heartburn, frequent regurgitations, all this due to the increase in intra-abdominal pressure due to the growth of the uterus. Gas and constipation can also remain present.

In some women prone to headaches, especially migraine headaches, the discomfort can be exacerbated by hormonal changes, increased circulation, nerves, or caffeine withdrawal.

On the other hand, every time you feel the bulge of your belly more and how tight your clothes are, but it is still early to wear pregnant clothes, so you can wear looser clothes. You could have gingivorrhagia (bleeding gums), since they are weakened by the presence of the hormone progesterone.

Leg cramps, especially in the calves, are very frequent at this stage, due to fatigue due to deficiency of some vitamins such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. Frequent urination can flare up, especially if you have had previous pregnancies or deliveries, due to pelvic floor weakness. And the skin can also undergo changes, more frequent at the level of the face with the presence of the dark spot, called chloasma gravidarum.

Food will become a basic pillar to carry a good pregnancy and guarantee a normal development of the baby. Therefore, during this week you must continue with your healthy, balanced diet, increasing the intake of cereals, vegetables, fruits, vegetables and vegetables. It is also important to reduce salt, saturated fats and fast-absorbing carbohydrates (white bread, honey, sugars, pasta, banana, refined flours) and the consumption of coffee and tea (2 cups in the morning), chocolate or soda.

But these are not the only recommendations for this week, take note of what else you should keep in mind from now on!

- Stay active with your walks, yoga exercises, swimming or those that you have allowed by your gynecologist.

- At bedtime, try to do it semi-sitting to counteract gastric discomfortsuch as heartburn and regurgitations.

- Always use sunscreen when going out to avoid spots on the skin and protect it from the sun. Remember that it is very sensitive.

- Visit your dentist to check your teeth and gums, which will also become sensitive and delicate.

- Wear loose, cool and light clothing, so that you feel comfortable and cool (hot climates).

- Perform the so-called Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floorThis way you will help yourself against urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunctions. It is about squeezing or contracting the pelvic floor muscles, for 5 seconds, as if you were holding back the urge to urinate and then relaxing. You can repeat them throughout the day whenever you remember.

- As usual avoid cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

- If you want to dye your hair, you can do it with dyes that do not contain ammonia.

- Do not self-medicate and I recommend you always keep in contact with your gynecologist.

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