Christmas appetizers, starters and canapes for pregnant women

Christmas appetizers, starters and canapes for pregnant women

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If you are going to enjoy the Christmas holidays during pregnancy, do not worry about changes in your diet. Despite the fact that during Christmas dinners and meals there is a tendency to overeat, it is possible to prepare a balanced and healthy menu.

Before going on to list delicious recipes with which to surprise your guests and with which you can delight yourself, it is worth having a few small guidelines of those foods (surely in your first visits to the gynecologist or the midwife they will have already brought you up to date of how food should be in this period of your life) that are prohibited and those with which you must be especially careful.

- Meats
Any type of meat has to be well done, to avoid risk of toxoplasmosis. In addition, we advise you to try not to abuse the sauces. In addition to being high in calories, they can be spicy and make digestion difficult.

- Fish
If possible, opt for small fish (anchovies, sardines ...) and banish swordfish and tuna from the table because they have been found to contain high doses of mercury.

- Cheeses
They are one of the star appetizers on these dates along with the sausage (remember not to eat it raw, because the same thing happens with meats). Before buying any type of cheese, look at the label. It has to be pasteurized.

- Salads and fruits
You have to make sure that they are well washed, well cooked and clean of germs.

We always talk about the things that can or cannot be eaten if you are pregnant during christmas, but what about the drinks? Which are the most recommended? Take good note!

- Coffee in pregnancy
And after lunch, it's time to talk and have a coffee. For pregnant women too? It all depends on the amount consumed, but it should not be forgotten that caffeine intake in the first trimester is related to miscarriages and, during the second, to premature births. Switch to decaf, which is just as rich and healthier in your situation.

- No alcohol
There will probably always be a guest in your house who tells you that for a glass of wine that you drink nothing will happen, but it can happen. If you are pregnant, not a drop of alcohol because those 'droplets' can reach your baby and cause a disability. And, to toast, don't worry, there are plenty of drinks that have 0% alcohol (by the way, if you're breastfeeding, this advice is just as valid).

- Refreshments
Here we must make two distinctions. On the one hand, we have drinks that have caffeine, which should be avoided for the health of the mother and the fetus, and on the other, sugary and gassy drinks, which can be taken in moderation. The best, as always, is water, which will also help you stay hydrated and avoid constipation during pregnancy.

And we cannot help but warn you (even if it is not food or drink), of the dangers that tobacco -both if you are an active or passive smoker- can have for the baby's health. Among the consequences for your little one are sudden death, respiratory diseases, malformation, premature birth, low weight ...

To do this, in We have put together a series of light and delicious starters, appetizers and canapes. They are very easy recipes to prepare and ideal for the diet of a pregnant woman, with which you can enjoy without committing excesses. Try these delicious Christmas canapes and appetizer recipes for pregnant women.

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During Christmas, in addition to controlling what is eaten, the woman should try not to binge on food and thus not gain a lot of weight (the normal thing is for the woman to gain 9 to 12 kilos throughout the pregnancy).

Another circumstance is having a good digestion, and is that during pregnancy the woman suffers flatulence, nausea, vomiting, gas, bloating ... How to avoid these discomforts? Here we give you some natural and home remedies that can help you have a good digestion if you are pregnant after Christmas dinners and meals!

- Pineapple
We recommend that you finish the family meals with pineapple for dessert. It is a very popular fruit at this time, quite inexpensive and that will help you digestion, feel a little lighter and reduce the swelling of your legs.

Always try to buy it natural and not canned, because it has a lot of sugar. It will provide you with vitamin C and iodine. And, although it is ideal as the icing on a delicious meal, you can also have pineapple in the middle of the day or put it in small cubes on your salad.

- Digestive infusions
Around infusions there are many theories. For example, aloe vera, pennyroyal, dandelion, mugwort, calendula, or ginseng are not recommended because they can endanger the life of the baby. On the other hand, there are others such as ginger, thyme, anise, rooibos or the infusion of raspberry leaves that are 100% safe and that can help you make a better digestion.

- Go for a walk
This advice can be useful both for you who are pregnant and for your partner or a family member who is also sitting at the table. And it is that, it is well known, that Christmas meals are usually long and, therefore, we spend a lot of time in the same position and with hardly any movement. We advise you, if the weather is good and as long as you go warm if it is cold, that you take advantage of it before nightfall to take a walk. You'll see how you feel better!

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