The deal. The most original poem for children about teamwork

The deal. The most original poem for children about teamwork

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In Guiainfantil.com we love nursery rhymes. They are a very useful educational resource to teach children values ​​and work with them some concepts that are more complicated to understand. On this occasion, Marisa Alonso has written a very original poem that teaches children that with teamwork we are closer to achieving our dreams. This poem is titled 'The deal' and we have accompanied it with some reading comprehension and language activities to do with the children.

The protagonists of this nursery rhyme are a bird and a squid. The bird wants to swim in the sea and the squid wants to fly through the sky. Will they get it? If you work as a team, of course! Enjoy the poem written by the poet Marisa Alonso that we propose below.

If you teach me to swim

I will teach you to fly,

What do you think of my deal?

But without wings I can't

the squid replied.

Anyway, if you want,

I do teach you to swim.

The bird went into the water

and attending the lesson

learned to swim very early,

sooner than he thought.

then he said to the squid:

friend go up to my neck

I will teach you to fly!

But without wings I can't!

he repeated very confused,

but the bird at the moment

to heaven he had risen.

He said to him when gaining height:

think you're going to fly

spread the tentacles well

Just let yourself go!

And the squid gliding

I was crossing the sky,

flying, happy, flying.

And of this deal the two

they were benefiting.

This poem shows us and the children that dreams come true. So inspiring!

Let's work on poetry! Here are some activities you can do with your children. The ones that we suggest are games and general exercises that you can adapt to the preferences and levels of the children.

1. Reading comprehension questions
First, we propose some reading comprehension questions that will help you to know if the message of the poem has been understood. Your children must answer whether the following statements are true or false.

- The deal is that the squid teaches the bird to fly and the bird teaches the squid to swim.

- The squid could fly through the skies thanks to its wings.

- The bird learned to swim very fast, because the squid taught it.

- The squid was very happy flying through the skies.

2. We investigated squid
Surely your children know what seagulls are. However, squid are somewhat more unknown beings (although surely they have tasted them). For this reason, we suggest that as a complementary activity to this poem you investigate the subject. To do this, you should try to answer these questions:

- Are squid mollusks? What are mollusks and what other animals are of this type?

- Where do squid live?

- What do squid eat?

- What is squid ink for?

3. Look for words derived from these words
From the poems we read we can also propose language exercises to work on some of the concepts that children have learned at school. We propose an activity on derived words. Ask the children to look for words derived from these examples that we have read in the text.

  • Treatment
  • Lesson
  • Confused
  • Heaven

4. Do you dare to conjugate verbs?
If your child is of an age to learn the tenses, suggest that they conjugate the following verbs that have appeared in the verses.

  • Fly. Third person plural. Present imperfect indicative.
  • Power. Second person singular. Past indicative past tense.
  • Go up. First person plural. Present subjunctive.
  • Sound. Third person singular. Future composed of indicative.
  • Bring. Second person plural. Simple indicative conditional.

5. The song of the bird and the squid
You can recite this poem, but you can also turn the verses into the lyrics of a song. Make up a melody and ... sing!

6. What are your dreams?
This poetry also invites children to achieve their dreams, even if they are difficult to achieve. The protagonists of these verses do it! Therefore, you can take advantage of reading these verses to ask the children about their dreams. Encourage them to reflect on what they need to do to achieve them and what they are willing to do to achieve them. They will surprise you!

To continue working on the value of teamwork with children, below we have made a small compilation of stories and poems that talk about cooperation. Read them with your children so that they understand what it means to all work together and what can be achieved.

- The broom and dustpan
The broom thought her job was the most important in the house. Thanks to it, floors were always kept very clean, without a drop of dust. However, in this tale you will find that all your work is meaningless if you do not have a dustpan by your side. If we work as a team we go much further.

- The river path
Little traffic jams are organized on the river path every afternoon! All the animals want to go have a drink of water and eventually the road gets stuck. However, the protagonists of this story realize that if they organize and work as a team, they achieve their purpose in a more orderly way.

- Colored protagonists
When we work as a team we have to achieve harmony and a good attitude among all. And this is precisely what the story that we propose here talks about. It will help children understand what the word 'companionship' means.

- The two pines
This story teaches children to have empathy for the pain and suffering of the people around us. In addition, history explains that when we all work in the same direction, we can help those who suffer to feel better. Share this story with your children and take the opportunity to have a conversation on the subject with them.

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