Decorated Christmas cookies. Recipe for kids

Decorated Christmas cookies. Recipe for kids

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Cookies are a perfect recipe for children. They can collaborate by making the dough and, above all, cutting the cookies in the way they prefer later. Also, with this recipe you can personalize the cookies using colored icing.

Although you can give them the shape you prefer, on our site we suggest that you prepare these cookies with Christmas. During this time of year the children have more free time and it sure makes them very excited.

  • 120 gr icing sugar + 200 gr. (for the icing)
  • 400 gr of pastry flour
  • 240 g of butter or margarine
  • 1 egg + 1 white (for the glaze)
  • 1 lemon or orange
  • Food colorings
  • Sugar food decorations

1. We mix 120 gr. sugar, flour, butter or margarine and egg (reserving the white) in a large bowl.

2. Form a ball and wrap it in transparent plastic wrap or a plastic bag. We let it rest for 15 minutes in the fridge. We preheat the oven to 180º. We spread the dough, leaving it 1/2 cm thick more or less.

3. Cut them with pasta cutters of different shapes and bake them for about 15 minutes at 170º. The time will depend on the size of the cookies, it is convenient to leave them until they are golden brown. To decorate: mix 200 g of icing sugar, the egg white and a dash of lemon or orange. Separate the icing into several bowls, add the desired coloring to each one and decorate the cookies by pouring the icing into a fine-tipped pastry bag.

4. Add pearls, noodles or the decoration that we prefer. And we already have our Christmas cookies ready!

At Christmas, parents take more time to spend with their children, although sometimes we lack time or, rather, ideas to do as a family both inside and outside the home. So that you can make the most of these days, here are the best plans to do at Christmas with your children.

- Visit a flea market
Surely in the main square of your town or city the typical stalls with Christmas decorations or sweets typical of this time of year come together every year, as well as the odd surprise. It can be a good plan to get out of the house and get caught up in the Christmas spirit.

- Make a craft
With cardboard plates, with rolls of toilet paper, with empty shoe boxes ... Any object can be transformed into a Christmas craft. Get out the paints, tape, glue and scissors ... let's get started!

- Prepare a karaoke with Christmas carols
Singing is one of the actions that doctors should prescribe to all their patients because the benefits are multiple: it improves self-esteem, eliminates stress, develops memory, increases lung capacity ... Taking advantage of the fact that we are in the middle of Christmas holidays, take the tambourine that today we are going to sing Christmas carols.

- Act out a play
At home, do you like to dress up and get into the shoes of other characters? A Christmas-themed play can be a perfect plan for any afternoon.

- Watch a Christmas movie
You can take a look at the billboard in your city or, if you prefer, have your own cinema session in your living room. You just have to agree on the title that you all want to see, turn off your mobile phone, prepare a good bowl of popcorn ... and enjoy!

- Become a true storyteller
And before the end of the day, we must not forget to tell a beautiful Christmas story to the little ones so that they have sweet dreams. 'The snowman', 'The birth of the baby Jesus', 'Rudolph the reindeer' or Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, are just some of the proposals.

Cookies are one of the children's favorite desserts. They eat them for breakfast with a glass of milk, they take some to school mid-morning or they become a perfect option for a snack at home. Do you want to learn more recipes? Here you have a wide selection!

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