Children need time to play not toys

Children need time to play not toys

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There are certain times in the calendar in which consumerism explodes and it seems impossible to stop or fight it. We talk, for example, about Christmas. What if we told you that you have the best gift at home and it doesn't cost any money? Don't you know what we're talking about? Children need time to play, not toys.

Today's children are overstimulated: toy catalogs, TV commercials, shopping center windows ... All this makes children go crazy and they want to ask for everything in their letter from Santa Claus or of the Magi.

My advice is that as soon as children are of an age to learn to write, we must promote that they are the ones who write their letter and / or their younger siblings to take advantage of the opportunity to work on literacy acquisition.

Although it is more comfortable for parents to write the letter, children should make an effort to do it themselves, although we have already said that adults will guide them to include a certain type of toys and we will limit the amount.

When children are young, parents have to maintain the balance between encouraging their children's illusion for the Three Kings and controlling what kinds of toys they ask for, in addition to curbing their demand. There are many parents who think that the Kings have to bring many things, and that the children are full of gifts; others, on the contrary, worry that their economic situation prevents them from buying everything they would like or what their children ask for. That is why we recommend the following guidelines for parents to know how to approach Christmas gifts:

- Set limits, As much as the gifts are brought by their Majesties from the East or Santa Claus, it is not advisable for children to be overwhelmed with toys. They have to learn the value of things, and when they have too many, that value is lost. In addition, many times they open the toy and hardly pay attention to it. The number of toys to order can be set in advance. For example, three things. The adjustment will also depend on the price and the budget, but we should not agree to include toys that are very expensive or that are out of budget.

- Coordination with the family is another of the variables that should be controlled on these dates, either because we do not want the children to receive a large load of gifts, and that is why we are going to agree with the relatives what things they are going to give them, or because we need help to be able to make a gift to the children. In the case of having a large family, you can agree with them that not all gifts are toys and take the opportunity to ask them for things they need such as clothes, school supplies, sports shoes, pajamas ...

Children are not going to value a gift more for its price, it is not necessary to look good spending a certain amount of money. You just have to use a little common sense:

- Do not get carried away by fashions nor by what society imposes. Find what you think your child will like the most.

- Nor can we get carried away by sexist themes when choosing toys. Nowadays everything is differentiated by sex, dolls for girls, cars for boys, even the traditional puzzles and meccans are segmented, and there are them for boys and girls. Let's respect the tastes of each child, and make sure that at least some toys are unisex.

- We live in a technological world, and it is true that today's children are digital natives, but we cannot forget the benefits of traditional toysTry not to reduce the whole letter to "toys with screens".

- It is good for children to play other things where they are the ones who have to invent the game, those that favor their creativity, or those that need to be paid more attention.

- Don't forget to include books, having children see books as a regular part of their lives will enhance their interest in reading.

- No matter how excited you are to the boy or the girl Under no circumstances will the Kings bring a toy not suitable for their age.

And, do not forget, that today's children have many more toys than ever, but what they don't have time is to play with these toys and what children like the most is that their father, mother, uncle, aunt or grandparents sit with them to play. That's so much better than the most sophisticated toy on the market.

It is always good to promote solidarity habits among children and not only now that Christmas is approaching. Extend it 365 days a year and that this helps us to be consistent in the education we give our children throughout the year and avoid, thus, that we promote exacerbated consumerism with them or that things are throwaway.

For example, if you already have a toy or a doll very similar to the one from other Christmases, the Kings should not bring you another one that is almost identical because the color of the model has changed. We can also clean toys and all those who no longer use why, deliver them to an NGO that distributes them to more disadvantaged children.

And finally, let us remind the children that Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men come to bring gifts to the children who have behaved well. Let's not forget this part of the tradition, which is what will help us to reinforce obedience, study and collaboration behaviors in children.

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