What is the Advent Calendar and how to use it with children

What is the Advent Calendar and how to use it with children

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The Advent calendars They are one of the Christmas traditions most awaited by children. Christmas after Christmas, families buy a calendar in supermarkets or make it at home for their children, so that they can start enjoying it from December 1 to December 24. And because? It is a way many families use to prepare children for the arrival of Christmas.

Each day of the period between December 1 and 24, the children open a calendar window and discover a surprise or gift, which can be anything from a candy or a cookie to a children's story or song about Christmas.

The advent calendar is a calendar with 24 boxes, in which a surprise or a gift is stored for children. Every day the child opens a little window on the calendar and discovers the surprise. It is a way that many families have to prepare their children for Christmas.

In the boxes of the calendar, you can put candies, cookies, messages with values, and even stories or songs that parents should tell or sing this day with their children. Actually, the calendar is in the form of a 'count' to know how many days until Christmas. Children take it as a game, a challenge that they have to meet in order to enjoy the 'gift'.

Where do the Christmas calendars come from? The history of the calendar dates back to the 19th century, German Protestant times, when children lit a candle for each day of the Advent period, that is, from Sunday of Advent (a day that varies depending on the year), until the 24th of December or Christmas Eve. Today, the tradition has become popular and changed. The calendar includes two days from December 1 to 24 and instead of candles, chocolates, toys, books, etc. are given away.

The first physical calendars emerged later in a different form. In the most humble families, 24 lines were painted with chalk or chalk on the door of the house, and every day a child erased one. In wealthier families, the children received a treat every day.

The first advent calendars Printed materials arose in 1902, when colored images were launched on the market to be cut out and pasted in the 24 squares of a card. But, the first calendars, already with windows, were released in 1920, with figures from fairy tales and German gods as surprises. By 1950, the calendar became popular in Germany, and behind the windows, images of snowy landscapes and Christian motifs were hidden. Some were already beginning to store sweets.

Thinking about how important the Advent Calendar is for families, has prepared some very original calendars so that children can look forward to Christmas in a sweet way and using all their creativity.

Original Advent calendars for children

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