The best gifts for children according to their personality and age

The best gifts for children according to their personality and age

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What should we consider when buying a toy for a child? What is it to socialize, to share, to increase their creativity, to educate? Every father and mother should choose gifts and toys that are consistent with the values ​​they want to instill in their children, but in case you have doubts, below you will find the ones best gifts classified according to the child's personality and age!

1. Children are not going to value a gift more for its price, you do not have to look good spending a certain amount of money, so the first advice I give you is that do not let yourself be carried away by fashions or by what society imposes. Find what you think your child will like the most!

2. Let's not get carried away by sexist themes when choosing toys. Nowadays everything is differentiated by sex, dolls for girls, cars for boys, even the traditional puzzles and meccans are segmented, and there are them for boys and girls. Let's respect the tastes of each child, and make sure that at least some toys are unisex.

3. We live in a technological world, and it is true that today's children are digital natives, but we cannot forget the benefits of traditional toys, make sure that not all their requests (both on their birthday and at times like Christmas) are reduced to 'toys with screens'. It is good for children to play other things where they are the ones who have to invent the game, those who favor their creativity, or who need to be given more attention.

4. Don't forget to include books. Having children see books as a regular part of their lives will boost their interest in reading.

5. No matter how excited you are to the boy or the girl, psychologists do not recommend toys that are not suitable for their age, because what can happen is that the child gets bored if it is a game for little ones, since they perceive it as 'babies'; But it is more dangerous when they are given things for older people, because it can happen that they get bored because they do not understand the game, or they get frustrated because their own cognitive development prevents them from following the rules.

6. With toys and video games, we tend to be more permissive, and surely we all know children who play games as adults (especially on consoles and computers). These games are often heavily loaded with violent content, or are very aggressive and can affect the child's behavior. Furthermore, morality is something that has to be formed in children. Up to 12 years of age, children do not have developed morals, you have to teach them what is right and what is wrong, and many times games with a high violent content can interfere with its proper development.

You have to think of children and not ourselves when choosing a toy. If we know that he is an adventurer, an athlete, a creative ...The toy must be close to the child's immediate world, allowing you to enjoy that hobby is a safe bet.

But we must also think that, thanks to toys, important aspects of the personality are developed such as the ability to socialize, the ability to create and innovate, the demonstration of affection, intelligence and motor skills.

- If you are a very active child, You can use games to help you focus your attention.

If you are a child athlete, We can look for toys that stimulate general coordination such as bicycles, scooters or balls, balls ...

- For more impatient children, Construction games can help them, with which we will work on the importance of following instructions. There is a lot of variety, let's choose them based on the child's tastes.

- To the calmer children, puzzles is another game with which we will be sure. There are many themes, think about which is the most appropriate for him or her. In addition, with the puzzles you work on logic and memory of shapes.

- To creative children, They will love games that promote creativity, such as crafts, potters' wheels, those to make stickers, bracelets, necklaces ...

- To imaginative children, The costumes will open a magical world to fantasy where you can imagine that you are pirates, princesses or any of your favorite series characters.

- To impulsive children, turn-based games are good for them, such as traditional board games such as ludo, goose ...

- To children who like cooking, we have a wide variety of games to make cookies, sweets, chocolates ...

Toys usually carry in their box an indicator of the optimal age of use for the child, and it is true that, although there are individual differences, it is good to heed this indication. In addition, the toys have icons that will help us to know which areas each toy stimulates.

- Up to 6 months
The first six years of child development are essential, and it is at this stage when more attention has to be paid to the stimulation that children receive. During the first months, babies begin to pick up toys and manipulate them, they also put everything in their mouth, so you must take into account that the materials are not toxic, are resistant, can be washed easily and do not have parts small to avoid accidents.

In this period they are suitable toys that stimulate their movements and their senses such as rattles, balls, soft toys, bath toys, mobiles, activity mats, toys to hold and drop, chew, shake, etc.

- From 6 to 12 months
From six months to the first year, they begin to investigate by their own means. They gain self-confidence, crawl and begin to take their first steps. Perfect for them are toys that help them move, that have bright colors, different textures and even sounds to stimulate their senses and attract their attention: ride-ons, walkers, play mats, activity gym, toys for the bathroom , stuffed animals with sounds, songs, toys that stimulate their manual dexterity such as stacking, filling and emptying games ...

- From 1 to 2 years
At this age children have already lost their fear of walking and running. Balls, cubes and shovels, nestable figures or stuffed animals are perfect for this age.

- From 2 to 3 years
Children are about to enter school, so it is very important to encourage their creativity through the world of crafts with paintings, clay or blackboards. They acquire skills by dressing and undressing dolls. They are also in the tricycle stage, they are learning to handle simpler vehicles until they get to the bicycle. Do not forget about books and that you have to start reading, at this age you opt for the simplest with large and striking drawings.

- From 3 to 6 years
They will experience many important changes in their lives. They will get to school, make friends, and grow up so fast that they will soon be on the bike. Little by little they will learn to read, write and fill the house with their crafts. They will also love dressing up and making up stories.

At school they draw and color non-stop, so it is good to always have books on hand for the little artists. It is also time to introduce them to the simpler board games. Puzzles are another very important option, they come in all shapes and sizes, even your favorite cartoon characters.

- From 7 to 9 years
At this age, they love everything related to professions and simulations. Dolls and costumes are toys that promote functional and symbolic play. They allow them to pretend that they do things, such as cooking, shopping, taking care of a baby, and it helps them to carry out role plays simulating different professions, such as doctor, veterinarian, nurse, teacher…. In his last stage in school, school supplies, such as the world ball, will come in handy. Meccans or construction games are also useful.

Children begin to function in groups and it is good to promote this collaborative team spirit through sports. They also love solving mysteries. For this reason, board games will entertain them and will also help them to exercise their mind.

- From 10 years
Children are immersed in the technological world. Video games, tablets, and computers are his favorite toys. Do not be alarmed because they do not have to be negative. There are of all types, you just have to make sure they are suitable for their age. You can reward them with this type of game when they do their homework and always remember to limit the time.

- From 12 years old
The children will enter, each at their own pace, in the dreaded pre-adolescent stage. At this point in their life they are more 'independent' in terms of their tastes, and it will be easier to understand what they want and also what they need.

From 12 years old, the mystery games or to work on strategy or planning, as well as those to improve verbal fluency are a good lesson. And, of course, we cannot forget the drones and electronic and robotics toys with which they build their own robots ...

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