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Week 8 baby in mommy's gut. Fingers begin to form

Week 8 baby in mommy's gut. Fingers begin to form

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Baby's 8th week in mom's gut It's super exciting for both parties, because there are so many important changes for your little one's development. As it is likely that you will not notice them, then I am going to explain them to you and, also, give you some recommendations and tips so that you have a smooth pregnancy.

This week the baby is already 6 weeks old (remember that the first two are given by fertilization and cell division) and a size between 9 and 12 centimeters, like a raspberry. It is a very important week due to the changes that occur in its development, and it is that your little one already begins to feed through the placenta, receiving nutrients, oxygen and water.

The spine is slowly straightening, but since the head is larger than the body, it is still held forward and the tail of the embryo begins to disappear.

Eyes and ears begin to grow and you can see the point of the nose. The lower lip and jaw are also formed this week. On the other hand, the fingers and toes begin to form, although they remain glued to the body, showing the elbows.

If you get an ultrasound this week, you can see that his heart is already beating very hard and fast, at about 150 beats per minute and the aortic and pulmonary valves can be seen. It can also be seen that it already has a liver, kidneys and intestine, and the lungs already taking their shape.

Your brain, which until now was a hollow structure attached to the spinal cord, begins to twist and form five areas: hindbrain with bridging, medulla and cerebellum and midbrain, where the thalamus and the two hemispheres are.

In these weeks, the hormonal changes do their thing, so Do not be surprised to go from joy to sadness or from laughter to tears in just a matter of seconds. It is completely normal!

Pregnancy symptoms begin, in some women, to become more marked: nausea, vomiting, heartburn, intolerance to some smells ... Also tiredness, lethargy or too much sleep, will be present in your day to day.

As the uterus begins to grow, though many women this week still do not perceive it, you may feel certain cramps or stomach pains, like those that occur when menstruation arrives, which is sometimes worrying. This same growth can cause inflammation of the sciatic nerve and cause pain or discomfort from the buttock to the leg.

If you have not yet seen him or the gynecologist, it is time for you to start monitoring your pregnancy, as they will give you instructions and recommendations on how to relieve the discomfort of the symptoms. In addition, they will start your intake of vitamins (folic acid or iron), which are very important and necessary, both for you and for your beautiful and desired baby.

- You must keep your diet healthy, balanced (proteins, carbohydrates, many fruits and vegetables) and rich in calcium, zinc, iodine, magnesium, folic acid, iron, B complex and omega-3 fatty acids. In this way, you will also avoid gaining weight during pregnancy. And is that as the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity says, it is important to eat healthy and control the kilos that can be taken in these months.

- You have to get used to drink water frequently.

- Reduce the intake of salt, sugar, soda, tea, coffee and chocolates.

- Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, drugs.

- Under any concept take medications not recommended by your doctor.

- Stay active, walk and do yoga and your low-impact exercises, as long as there are no contraindications from your gynecologist.

- If you feel pain in any leg due to the inflammation of the sciatic nerve, lie on the opposite side, to improve the discomfort.

- Try to rest when necessary and sleep at night for at least 7 hours.

- Stay away from negative people or professional opinionologists and your bad thoughts. This first trimester is very risky for miscarriages and you don't want to evict your tenant from his comfortable room.

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