The teacher who teaches math with candy, Lego pieces and a pot

The teacher who teaches math with candy, Lego pieces and a pot

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Who said that maths they are boring? That is because they do not know the innovative method of an Andalusian professor who teaches mathematics and concepts as "complex" as the number Pi or the Pythagorean theorem with candy, Lego pieces or with a lid from a pot and string. Do you want to know its history? After reading, you just want to go back to the classroom!

The maths They are very important in the life of any person because they appear in all facets of our life at all levels. We use them all, from the grandfather who goes to buy the newspaper and looks at his old watch to know the time, to a millennial looking for a cheap last-minute flight online, to the most experienced scientist in astrophysics or other subjects.

Perhaps, for this reason, Sergio Guirado, an Andalusian math teacher, has wanted to give this subject the importance it deserves. Sergio has created his particular method to teach math to the kids of first, second, third and fourth of the E.S.O. "What I want is that the students memorize as little as possible and that they try to deduce for themselves. And to achieve this, the most important thing is to give them a why and a why, teaching them the origin of things. And, I I am one of those who believes that mathematics can be touched, "he explains.

Working with elements close to the world of children and objects of their interest is the basis of this innovative method of this math teacher. And just like in the table of their classes you can find candies, a lid of a pot or even Lego pieces.

1. Pythagoras theorem with candies

"What I explain with the sugus candies (they are squares) is the geometric proof of the theorem. It goes something like this: The white triangle seen between the three squares is a right triangle and every right triangle verifies that c² = a² + b² ( Whenever we speak of c² =, we speak of the area of ​​a square with side c) ", he says and adds:" In this case, the area of ​​the square formed by orange sugus 5², is equal to the sum of the area of ​​the square of red sugus 3² plus the area of ​​the square formed by the yellow sugus 4². To demonstrate this, we superimpose the 9 red sugus and the 16 yellow ones on the 25 orange ones until we cover the entire orange surface ".

2. Prime factors with Lego pieces
With Lego pieces, Sergio explains prime factorization and divisibility. "If several Lego pieces are together, they are interpreted as a multiplication of prime numbers. We will separate them until they are broken down into simple pieces that will represent the factorization," he explains.

3. Geometric figures through football and basketball
"In both football and basketball there are many geometric concepts: polygons, such as the game rectangle; circumferences, such as the center of the field; diagonals and triangulations made by the players; spheres represented with the ball, etc. That's why it is difficult to relate the areas and their calculation with these two sports, "he says.

4. The number pi explained with a pot

"The perimeter of a circumference is three times and a little the measure of its diameter. That three times and a little is what in mathematics is called Pi. To demonstrate it, we take the lid of a pot and surround it with a string, then we open the rope and check that the measure of this is three times and a little the measure of the diameter of the lid, "he says.

And, Sergio does all this to always avoid abstraction. How? "When we study the fractions, we do a research work using hotel search pages. If there are a certain number of accommodations in the town, we see what proportion of them are hotels, bed and breakfasts, rural houses, etc ...".

At the end of their classes, the kids, in addition to learn math, They have had a good time and Sergio is happy and satisfied. When he started teaching math with everyday objects, he just wanted to avoid the bored faces of the students. Goal achieved!

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