Famous single mothers who bet on adopting a child

Famous single mothers who bet on adopting a child

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The dream of many women is to be mothers. Without haste, but also without pauses. Thanks to science (with fertility and insemination treatments) as well as adoption, many women reach their goal without having to be accompanied by a couple on the journey of seeing their offspring believe. It will not be easy, but if you are considering adopting a baby alone and building a single parent family, you should know that you are not alone and that you are not the weird one. These are the famous single women you are signing up to adopt a child.

There are many celebrities who serve as an example. Whether due to a biological condition or as an act of love, many famous people have chosen to welcome orphaned children into their families to fill them with affection and provide them with a better quality of life. You sign up?

Since We want to review some famous moms who face motherhood and raising children alone to serve as inspiration. Mia Farrow was the celebrity who started the trend. And today Angelina Jolie and Madonna are perhaps the most recognized adoptive mothers. Gesture of love or chic fashion?

- Madonna
Being an icon that goes beyond music, the singer has six children: Lola Leon and Rocco Ritchie, who were born from two relationships she had; and four adopted offspring: David, Mercy James, and twins Estere and Stelle.

- Meg Ryan
The popular romantic comedy actress decided to adopt (after divorcing Dennis Quaid and already having a biological child) little Daisy Trae, a 14-month-old Chinese girl. Meg Ryan remembers this moment as something special: 'I always thought I would. This adoption was a deliberate act. I saw his face and knew we were related. '

- Sandra Bullock
The actress has even recently announced her retirement from the film industry to focus more on her children. She adopted Louis in March 2010 and later little Laila, with whom she now forms a beautiful and happy family. Quite a madrassa, without a doubt!

- Angelina Jolie
Before marrying Brad Pitt in March 2002, the actress adopted Maddox Chivan, a seven-month-old baby from Cambodia. In 2006, he adopted a six-month-old girl from Ethiopia named Zahara Marley. A few years later the family grew up with a 3-year-old Vietnamese boy whom she named Pax Thien. To these three young adoptees are added three biological children with whom she has been her husband until recently: Shiloh, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline.

- Sharon Stone
This actress, full of love and hope, decided to adopt three little ones to start a big family. This is how Roan Joseph (2000), Laird Vonne (2005) and Quin Nelly (2006) came into his life, who filled his home and heart with happiness.

- Charlize Theron
She decided to become a mother at 36 years of age, adopting little Jackson (2012) and August (2015) after her breakup with Sean Penn. The actress is very jealous in this matter, so she tries to keep everything concerning her offspring private.

- Diane Keaton
She always stated that she did not want to be anyone's wife or a very young mother. Therefore, the veteran actress did not hesitate. Keaton adopted daughter Dexter in 1996 and son Duke in 2001.

- Mia Farrow
She was the first celebrity who was not afraid to make her wishes to adopt public. She is the mother of no more and no less than 14 children, only four of them biological. And as a single mother, she has adopted Tam (who passed away in 2000), Isaiah Justus, Quince, Frankie-Minh, and Thaddeus Wilk (who also died in 2016).

- Michelle Pfeiffer
In 1996 he adopted Claudia Rose, a 3-year-old girl, the daughter of a young New York nurse who could not support her. In the process of adoption, the actress met the lawyer and producer David Kelley, with whom she would end up marrying and having a biological son John Henry.

If they could, we are sure that you can too. Facing an adoption and raising a child alone we know is a lot of work, but with love, affection and patience you will become a beautiful family worthy of the best magazine covers. Cheer up, go for it!

Having a child is a very personal decision and a decision that has to be very thoughtful. The woman must move away from the distorted image that television commercials or Hollywood movies send us of motherhood, since many times she does not identify with reality.

- To this decision is added the element that women need a man to be able to carry out their dream, something that many do not agree and they do not want, at all, to submit their desire to another person. Hence, they choose adoption.

- At other times, the reason is due to problems with having a biological child by the woman or, also, by the father, and after several unsuccessful attempts at fertility treatments.

- But behind this decision to adopt a child there may also be a reason of social conscience. They are usually people who have seen very closely -through their work or close relatives- the drama of some children who do not have a family to grow up and be happy with.

Whatever the reason, adoption is just one more way for women to fulfill their dream of being a mother. In addition, it is an increasingly common reality in today's society, as reflected in the report made by the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics, 15 ideas to understand adoption today.


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