The Snowman. Christmas story for children

The Snowman. Christmas story for children

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Once upon a time there was a snowman that he lived happy, but alone ... So when he looked out of a home window at Christmas and saw how happy they all were together, he wished he could be with them.

What do you think that happened? The snowman may be part of that family. Will he also get share christmas with someone else? Beautiful story full of values ​​to tell children at Christmas. A beautiful story by Hans Christian Andersen to read to our children this Christmas.

It was Christmas night, and the children who always accompanied the Snowman, was in their houses. The snowman felt lonely and sad ...

Nearby, there was a house, and he decided to get closer to see what was going on inside. In doing so, he saw the warm of a home, a table full of food, and a cozy place where it was not cold, because there was no snow ...

The snowman wanted to enter, but could not, because he could not find a way to do so ... But suddenly he saw a frost fall from the sky, he looked at him and smiled. Told him:

- Make a wish of me on this special night. '

The doll replied:

- I want to feel the warmth of a home, like this family ...

- Make your wish then - insisted the frost.

- I want to enter this house and spend Christmas with this family.

- But if you go in there, you will become a pool of water - said the frost.

- Then I want them to go out and spend Christmas with me.

- I can't do that, because if they go out, they'll freeze to death.

- So what can I do?

- It's true, snowman ... - thought the frost - what you need is another snowman with whom to share Christmas ...

The frost was creating another snowman. When he finished, the boy looked out the window.

- Look, dad! Another snowman! He has no scarf! Can I put one on it?

- Yes, go ... - answered the father.

So the boy went out and put his mother's scarf on the newly created snowman ... And that's how the snowman He was never alone at Christmas again.

Author: Hans Christian Andersen

It is important that the child is not only able to read the story, but is also able to understand. For this we suggest that you play this game with him. It is about responding correctly to the questions we have prepared for him, but first you must make sure, for example, that he knows the meaning of all or almost all the words. And you can even do a second reading (if you read it, change your roles).

Here there is no rush, the goal is to enjoy reading the story, stay with the final message (we all want to spend Christmas with friends and families, never alone, for them you have to be supportive and generous), learn new vocabulary and let the imagination take us to other worlds. We leave you some questions to find out if your child has understood the story:

- Why did the snowman want to enter the house?

- Who was the snowman talking to?

- What did the boy find when he looked out the window?

- Did the snowman spend Christmas alone?

The Danish poet and writer Hans Christian Andersen wrote some of the stories that parents have grown up with, such as 'The Ugly Duckling', 'The Little Mermaid' or 'The Princess and the Pea'. They are jewels of literature that are passed from generation to generation and that, surely, you have already cost your children.

There are other titles by Andersen not so well known that will also be very attractive for the little ones in the house. Here is a selection with our favorites.

- The girl of the matchsticks
If you want to continue with the Christmas theme, this story can come in handy. It is true that his argument is a bit sad, but it will serve to explain to your children that there are people who are not lucky enough to own the things that they have.

- The queen of the snow
Kay and Greda are the protagonists of this tale, a story that revolves around children who fight between good and evil. It is, according to many, one of the best works of Hans Christian Andersen, and that has served as inspiration for the Disney movie Frozen.

- The emperor's new suit
Is it better to lie to look good or to tell the truth at the risk of making someone else feel bad? Without a doubt, we recommend this wonderful story for the message it contains: the value of sincerity to educate responsible children.

- Red shoes
This classic of children's literature tells us about the importance of raising humble children and not vain and pretentious people.

- The magic beans
Periquín, the protagonist of this story, gives a lesson to children and adults with his behavior and conduct. With humility, effort and kindness we can achieve everything that we set out to do.

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