Christmas Eve's flower. Mexican Christmas legend

Christmas Eve's flower. Mexican Christmas legend

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Have you ever wondered why the Poinsettia at Christmas? Every Christmas, the houses are filled with color thanks to their bright red leaves. This beautiful Christmas plant has a beautiful story, which comes to us from Mexico. Take the opportunity to tell your child about this Christmas legend about the origin of a tradition that continues year after year with us.

Legend has it that a long, long time ago, in a small town in Mexico, all the inhabitants gathered in the church every year during the birth of Jesus to leave him a gift.

Pablo loved that tradition. Every year he saw many people arrive from far away with beautiful gifts: baskets of fruit, clothes, a toy ... But as the years went by, Pablo became more and more sad. He only saw how everyone went and deposited their gifts but he had nothing to give awayHe was very poor and that made him feel bad.

Pablo wanted to hide to prevent someone else from seeing that he had nothing to give, he went and hid in a corner of the church and began to cry, but soon from his tears that had fallen to the ground, a beautiful flower with red petals began to sprout .

Paul understood that that flower was a gift from God, so that Paul could give it to the baby Jesus. He was happy and deposited that flower together with the other gifts, but keeping the secret that had been born from his tears.

The rest of the people, seeing that plant so beautiful, decided to wear an identical one every year. That gesture, little by little, became a tradition, and today in all homes, a beautiful poinsettia dazzles everyone with its intense red leaves.

This beautiful Mexican Christmas legend is precious for children to discover for themselves, but also for you to reserve a moment as a family and discover it together. In addition, with this simple gesture and, according to a study published by researchers from the University of Deusto (Basque Country, Spain) Edurne Goikoetxea Iraola and Naroa Martínez Pereña, there are many benefits of shared reading of books.

On the other hand, it will be a way of seeing if the child has paid attention to the rest and if he has understood the story. To do this you can ask these simple questions.

- Where does the story take place?

- What are the tears of the boy Pablo transformed into?

- What did the people think of Paul's gift to the Child Jesus?

Do you want to learn how to make an origami poinsettia that will last you all the holidays? Here you have a very instructive video and some very simple instructions to make it great for you. It is a activity that you can do with the children and have a great time with the family on these dates.

- You need red and green paper, a tack and glue or cold silicone.

- Follow the step by step of the video that we show you above.

- It's simple, but if it doesn't come out the first time, don't worry! You have to have a little patience, especially with the little ones who want everything now.

- Choose a day that you have time and that nothing or nobody bothers you.

- To make it more enjoyable, make a selection with the best Christmas carols and put them in the background.

In Mexico the poinsettia is typical on Christmas dates and, in Spain and other countries, this tradition has been copied, although this is not always the case. Each country has its rituals that pass from generation to generation and, as with the poinsettia, they reach children through legends. Do you want to know some of the most curious? We tell them to you through these Christmas stories!

- The 13 Little Christmas Men
Can you imagine that instead of a Santa Claus there were 13? It seems like a joke, but in Iceland on Christmas night children are anxiously waiting for those known as 'The 13 Little Christmas Men', although yes, you never know if they will leave you a gift or a potato at the foot of the tree. Glups!

- La Befana
And do you know who brings the gifts in the country of pizza and pasta? Here neither the Three Wise Men nor Santa Claus. Italian children only think of the little witch Befana, an old friend of their majesties from the East, who distributes sweets to all the children she meets along the way.

- Christmas spiders
In your house, do you decorate the tree? What kind of decorations do you use: balls, stars, tinsel ...? Surely you will have a lot and every year maybe until you renew them to give a new look to your fir. What would you think if we told you that all these decorations were created by Santa Claus and that behind each one of them spiders actually hide?

- Tmte, the Christmas gnome
If you ask a child to describe Santa Claus, he will probably tell you that he is a big man, with a big belly, a white beard ... right? Perhaps the children who come to Sweden, Finland and Norway do not agree so much, because there the character who brings the gifts does not look like the classic Santa Claus that we are used to.

- Babushka
And finally, we want to tell you about this traditional Russian story about the figure of Babushka, an old woman who distributes gifts every December 24 to all Russian children, with which, in addition, the smallest of the house will discover the true meaning of Christmas.

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