How to respond when children ask if Santa Claus really exists

How to respond when children ask if Santa Claus really exists

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Sooner or later parents have to face this situation: our children want to know the truth about who brings Christmas gifts. It never hurts to be prepared beforehand to know How to answer the question of whether the Three Wise Men or Santa Claus exist Really. Therefore, here are some tips so that this Christmas, this question does not catch you by surprise and you know how to react.

It does not matter that things have changed so much in a few years, it does not matter that technology now allows us to do things that we could never have imagined, it does not matter all the new ways that children have fun and are surprised ... There is something that has not changed , the illusion with which many little ones go to bed on Christmas Eve or Reyes with the assurance that Santa Claus or the three Wise Men will enter their homes stealthily to leave the gifts they have asked for.

For the lucky ones who live this illusion, or who experience it through the excited faces of our children, we know that beyond the gifts themselves. The very idea that the Three Wise Men or Santa Claus exist and visit us while we sleep is unique and cannot be compared to anything else ... Waking up in the morning and seeing the gifts means that magic exists!

But always, invariably there comes a day when we find out that actually those who do the shopping and are filled with pleasure and excitement by putting our gifts on the tree for us, are actually our parents, which leads us to discover that Santa Claus and The Kings do not really exist and therefore the magic of that awakening is never the same again ... Perhaps the closest thing we experience again is when we become, now adults, the Saint or the Kings of our children.

I still remember when at 9 or 10 years old, after having heard the truth at school, I asked my mother the question while she was cooking:

- Mom, is it true that the gifts from Santa and Reyes are actually brought by you?

My mother, stoic, answered no, but I continued my interrogation over and over again until (the memory comes to me in slow motion) she turned to me and replied:

- Yes, we are. -That's right.

It was like falling into a bucket of ice water, I knew the truth, but inside me I hoped that he would continue to deny it over and over again and as long as he did I would believe him.

Now that we decided on our site to write this article about that moment, I really have a hard time thinking about what is the best answer a parent should give at the time of the dreaded question.

Of course there are no perfect answers. However, yes we can cushion the blow a littlee of the truth and maybe keep the illusion for a while longer.

The younger they are, the more likely it is that they have only heard it vaguely, or that an older classmate has told them, and they expect us to assure them that it is not so to continue believing. On the contrary, when they are older they will be almost sure that it is, however, if they dare to throw us the question is that they still doubt.

So what do we answer?

As parents, our duty is always be honest with our childrenOtherwise how will they trust us? However, it is worth asking them first where they got that Santa Claus exists or does not exist. That will allow us to know what we are facing: if it was something isolated or if it is something that they have been hearing in various places or for a long time (it happens with the largest).

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Then it is a good idea to ask them:what do you think?Your answers will give us the guideline to know what to answer.

- That is, if they answer yes, they are sure they are the parents, there is nothing left but to accept that it is so, to tell them that it has been wonderful to live that illusion with them and that this magic can always accompany them.

- If, on the contrary, they answer that they do not know or that they do not believe that they are the parents, we can tell them that as long as they believe in that magic, it will be like that, even if there are children who have stopped believing.

The movie 'The Polar Express' is very nice to work on, since it is about a boy who is having the same doubts.

And no we're not really lying, just making sure the magic will stay with them for a while longer.

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