The boy who wants it all. Christmas story

The boy who wants it all. Christmas story

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Christmas stories are a way to entertain children and at the same time educate them in the values that characterize this time of year: solidarity, love, respect ... That is why we suggest you share with the children the story of 'The boy who wants everything', a Christmas story that will teach children the importance of share and not be selfish.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jorge, his mother Maria and father Juan. When he wrote the letter to the Magi he asked for more than twenty things, exactly 25.

Then his mother said:

- But you understand that ... look, I'm going to tell you that the Three Wise Men have camels, not trucks, second, they don't fit in your room, and, third, look at other children ... you think about the other children, and don't get angry because you have to ask for less.

The boy got angry and went to his room. His father told his mother Maria:

- Oh, you want to order almost a whole store, and your room is full of toys ...

Maria shook her head yes. The boy said in a low voice:

- It's true what mom said, I have to listen to them, I'm very bad.

It was time to go to school and the teacher said:

- Let's see, Jorge, tell us how many things you have asked for.

And he said softly:

- Twenty-five.

The teacher stopped talking and didn't say anything, but when class ended they all left and the young lady told Jorge that he didn't have to ask so much. So Jorge decided to change the letter he had written and ask for fifteen things instead of 25.

When he told his parents, they thought that the change was not bad and they asked him if the rest of the gifts he had requested he was going to share with his friends. Jorge said:

- No, because they are mine and I don't want to share them.

After rectifying the letter to the Kings of the East, it was time to go buy the Christmas tree and the Nativity scene. But when they got to the store, the Christmas decorations were out of stock.

At this, Jorge saw a star from the car window and prayed:

- I know I don't pray a lot, sorry, but I want to find a Nativity scene and a Christmas tree.

Suddenly their car stopped, they got out, and an angel appeared to them and said to Jorge:

- You have been very good at removing things from the list, so I will give you the Nativity Scene and the tree.

Three minutes passed and the angel continued:

- Look in the trunk and you will see.

While the angel left. Juan said:

- Hey, thank you very much! But what about the car?

And the mother said:

- Come on, it already works! It just lit up!

And the father thanked again.

The long-awaited day finally arrived, Three Kings Day. When Jorge got up and went to see the gifts that had been brought him, he was very surprised. They had brought him the twenty-five things on the list.

He immediately woke up his parents and told them that he wanted to share his toys with the poorest children. A week passed and the boy brought home many poor children.

Jorge's mother made chocolate and cakes for everyone. They were all very happy. And colorín, colorado, this story finished.

By Sheila García González Send your Christmas story!

Reading stories is a time to share with the family, but also a good opportunity to educate our children in values. Therefore, it is best to check if they have understood the story and have grasped the message it conveyed. To do this, ask your child to participate in the 'reading comprehension question game', which consists of correctly answering the following questions.

It is not necessary to set the timer, because this is not a competition, but if you want to give it a little excitement, you can use it. 3, 2, 1 ... let's get started!

1. How many things does the boy George ask for in his first letter from the Three Kings?

2. Why is Jorge angry with his mother?

3. Why does Jorge change his list of gifts to Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar?

4. What is Jorge going to buy with his father and mother?

5. Who are you meeting on the way to the store?

6. How many presents does Jorge have at the end?

7. What does Jorge decide to do with the gifts that his majesties from the East bring him?

Christmas is a perfect time to educate children in generosity because we have millions of opportunities for the child to share, for example, through solidarity events such as markets, races or rakes. But if you think that your child can understand this value with the help of literature, here we present a series of stories that they will love!

- The selfish giant
Many times we do not realize that with our behavior, in this case being selfish and greedy, we are missing a lot of good things. Discover as a family what is good about being kind and start putting it into practice.

- The glutton bird
On the other side of selfishness are kindness, generosity and solidarity. Not everyone understands him that way and insists on following his attitude of wanting everything for him. Do you want to know what happened to this little bird that did not want to share its food?

- A lettuce is not a dish
Life presents us with a lot of opportunities every day to be generous with others and, above all, to try to teach our children this fundamental value to develop as people. And something like this happens to Matías, the protagonist of 'A lettuce is not a plate'.

Through reading these stories that we have presented to you, children will empathize with their characters and will see that it is better to be generous than selfish. But there are times when we have to give them more tools so that they learn to overcome selfishness. Here are a few!

- Who taught you to be generous? You probably saw it in your parents, in your grandparents, in your siblings ... The example is the best way to correct a behavior in the little ones.

- Show him how good it is to share. It will be a way to have double the fun because you can play with your toys and with those of your brother / cousin / friend.

- When you give in to your behavior and leave a toy to someone else, reinforce this gesture with a smile, a kiss or a word. You will see that your actions have positive consequences and you will want to repeat it.

- Selfish children are used to receiving, but not to giving. This routine must be changed!

- Teach him that things have an owner and that if you want something from others, you must ask for it and never take it by force. Wouldn't he like them to do that with his things?

And, above all, you have to understand that children go through a time when 'everything is theirs'. You don't have to worry excessively and think that yours is the most selfish of all. With small gestures, they will understand it!

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