Birth of the baby Jesus. Christmas story

Birth of the baby Jesus. Christmas story

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This Christmas story for children is an ideal resource to read with our children and explain to them what is the origin of Christmas. On our site we have prepared a children's story that tells the birth of the Child Jesus so that your children can learn about the Christian tradition in a much easier and more understandable way for them.

We suggest that you read this Christmas story about him as a family birth of the Child Jesus so that they understand what happened that night of December 24, many years ago.

Many, many years ago, God sent the archangel Gabriel to visit Mary, a sweet Jewish maiden. Gabriel had a message for Mary: 'You are going to have a son and he will be called Jesus. He will be called the Son of the Most High and will reign forever. '

How can it be? - asked Maria - if I have not been with any man. And the archangel told him that that child was the son of God.

Mary was engaged to a carpenter named José, who at first did not believe the story of Mary and the baby in her. However, the angel appeared to him in his dreams and told him what had happened. Since then, he decided to be next to Maria.

It was December 24 and Mary and her husband Joseph were on their way to Bethlehem as ordered by the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus. José was walking and María, about to give birth to her son, sat on a donkey.

Upon arrival in Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph looked for a place to stay, but they arrived too late and all the inns were full. Finally, a good lord lent them his stable for the night.

Joseph gathered straw and made a bed for his wife. What neither of them imagined before moving to Bethlehem that day is that this was the moment of birth of the Child Jesus.

And so the Child Jesus was born, in a stable, and his mother, the Virgin Mary placed him on a manger, the place where the animals' food was put. As night fell, a star was born in the sky that illuminated more than the others and it was located above the place where the child was.

Far away from there, in the East, three wise astrologers named Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar, they knew that this star meant that a new king was about to be born. The three wise men, whom we know as The Three Wise Men, followed the bright star to the manger in Bethlehem to visit Jesus.

When they reached their destination, Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar looked for the manger and gave the Child gold, incense and myrrh. Shortly after birth, King Herod, frightened by the news that the son of God had been born, had all the babies killed. Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt and returned later, when Herod died. They settled in Nazareth and there Jesus spent his childhood.

Today, in the same way that the Kings of the East brought gifts to Jesus, on the night of December 24, Santa Claus, and on the night of January 5, the Three Wise Men bring gifts to all houses to commemorate the birth of the Child. .

If your children liked this story about the Child Jesus, you can take the opportunity to continue telling them some stories about him through poetry, a very good tool to improve their attention, concentration and memory.

- A pacifier for baby Jesus
Traditional tales tell that the Three Wise Men gave the child Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh. What if this had changed? What if instead of these three present they had opted for a pacifier?

- The friend of the child Jesus
Poetry, like stories, can convey many values, and an example of this is the story told in 'The Friend of the Child Jesus', an example of generosity that can inspire many children and adults.

- The baby Jesus and the orange tree
This poem, in addition to being easy to learn and recite for the smallest of the house, allows us to explain to the children the difficult path that Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus had to go through at first.

- The mule and the ox take care of the baby Jesus
And if the children are left with the curiosity to know how were the first days of Jesus after his birth, this poem is perfect for them. In addition, they will discover who the little one's first friends were.

- The child Jesus goes to party
And if you want to read a very funny poem to your children, you cannot miss these verses written by Marisa Alonso and that tell us about the party that was organized in the Belén portal when the child God was born.

In some countries such as Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia there is a tradition that children love and it is the ninth of the aguilnaldos or, what is the same, do a countdown (from December 16 to 24) before the birth of the child Jesus. In this way, each day, through a prayer, the children gradually learn what would happen on the night of December 24.

Although it began as a Christian tradition that was passed from family to family and that, in many cases, was done around the table at lunch or dinner, over the years it has become a social event . People stop at work to pray and, even, it is not surprising to find people in shopping malls praying, then meet and have a snack.

This tradition has its origin in the order of the Franciscans and it was created by Fray Fernando de Jesús Larrea in 1700. Although the texts have evolved and modernized since then, there is a small structure to carry it out. Thus, every day a set of common prayers is said for all, which are:

  • Prayer for every day
  • Considerations of the day
  • Prayer to the Blessed Virgin
  • Prayer to Saint Joseph
  • Joys or Aspirations for the coming of the Child Jesus
  • Prayer to the Child Jesus

And, the most important thing at this time, is as they say in the study carried out by the Universidad Pontifícia Javeriana de Colombia, stop a bit to think with the children what is the value of Christmas and what we base ourselves on to talk to children about she. Maybe in what we watch TV? Or in what you show us in the shop windows of the shopping centers? Maybe in what we broadcast to them at home? What is the realChristmas?

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