Rudolph the reindeer. Christmas story for children

Rudolph the reindeer. Christmas story for children

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Rudolph or Rodolfo is the name of one of the nine reindeer that, according to Christmas mythology, take Santa's sleigh around the world to deliver Christmas gifts to children.

It is the most popular reindeer not only because it is the last to join the sleigh, but also because of its special red nose. His story is part of Christmas legends and tales.

Once upon a time there was a reindeer named Rudolph that, for being born with a curious and peculiar red nosebig and bright, he walked the world alone. The other reindeer made fun of Rudolph all the time, with phrases like 'you look like a clown', 'you have an apple on your nose' ... Rudolph felt very ashamed and every day he got further away from people. His family felt very sorry for him.

The jokes about Rudolph's nose were so annoying and constant that Rudolph ended up turning away from everyone. Live sad, locked in your house, extremely depressed. With the support of his parents, Rudolph decided to leave the town where he lived and began to walk aimlessly for days, months, years ...

Christmas was approaching and Rudolph was still alone on his way. But one night, on Christmas Eve, when the stars were brighter than on other days in the sky, Santa Claus prepared his sleigh, like every year. He counted and lined up the 8 reindeer that pull their sleigh to bring gifts to all the children in the world. Santa claus I had everything ready when suddenly a huge and thick fog covered the entire land.

Disoriented and scared, Santa Claus wondered how they would manage to fly the sleigh if they could not see anything. How would they find the chimneys? Where would they leave the gifts? In the distance, Santa Claus he saw a bright red light and began to follow it with his sleigh and reindeer. He couldn't know what it was about, but as they got closer, they were in for a huge surprise. It was Rudolph the reindeer!

Surprised and happy, Santa Claus asked Rudolph to pull his sleigh too. The reindeer couldn't believe it. He accepted it immediately and with his nose he illuminated and guided Santa through all the houses with children in the world.

And that's how Santa Claus he managed to deliver all the gifts on Christmas night, thanks to the efforts and collaboration of Rudolph the reindeer. Without his red nose, the children would be without gifts until today. Rudolph became the most loved and most admired reindeer by all. A true hero!


1. Why were Santa's other reindeer making fun of Rudolph?

2. How did Rudolph the reindeer feel about being teased by others?

3. What did Rudolph the reindeer do?

4. What happened to the time when Santa Claus was preparing his sleigh?

5. What did Santa Claus see in the distance?

6. How did Santa Claus manage to deliver all the presents on Christmas night?

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