Makeup for children. A cat

Makeup for children. A cat

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The carnival it is joy, music, color, fantasy, costumes, masks, dances, songs and above all, lots of fun. A good occasion for children to dress up as their favorite characters. Good makeup cannot be missing for a good costume. If your child wants to dress up as a cat, our site proposes a very original makeup, so that he can enjoy not only at Carnival but also at his birthday party or other parties. Step by step, you can learn how to make up your child. There are no secrets, just brushes, paint, and some patience and creativity.

- Appropriate paint for the face, black and white
- A fine brush
- A makeup sponge

1- Soak a piece of sponge with a little black paint and rub it all over the child's face, protecting only the eye and mouth area.

2- With another piece of the sponge, pass a little white paint, reduced with water, over the black, gently, leaving more concentration of the paint in the mustache area.

3- With the help of a fine brush, draw the contour of the eyes, darken the eyebrows, and make small lines on the forehead. Also paint the tip of the nose. All with black paint.

4- Then, with the same brush, you have to draw with black paint the outline of the mustache, hairs on the face and on the chin.

5- And here we have our curious and original cat, in black and white.

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