Boys and Girls: Together or Separately?

Boys and Girls: Together or Separately?

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I'll get straight to the point: Do you think that boys and girls should be educated separately and differently? What I question is whether girls should be educated with girls and boys with boys, that is, divided into different classes at school, and with different attentions and instructions at home. The issues surrounding the sexes are like waves, they go back and forth.

Now the theory that boys and girls should be educated separately divides opinions and opinions. Those who are in favor of separate education justify their position stating that the development of the brain of boys and girls is different and that therefore the teachings must be adapted to the peculiarities of one and the other, modifying the current educational system shared by both sexes. They even present studies that show that school failure is higher with classes of different sexes.

Those who think otherwise argue that there is no difference in capabilities. Not all girls are better at language than math, and not all boys are better at math than language. They also believe that a separation in the education of boys and girls would suppose an added economic expense to duplicate services, recycle teachers, and others. But what they fear the worst is the shock that this would represent to the integration policy applied in recent years in some countries, and to equal opportunities for students, apart from the fact that sexual diversity does not currently fit the child / child binomial little girl. Would there also be classes for homosexuals? They say there are bad and good students regardless of their gender.

Apart from those who are or not against children being educated separately, there is also another group that believes that education needs much more important and urgent changes such as: a greater integration of autistic children, hyperactive children, gifted children, a better preparation of teachers to detect these problems, better communication between the school and parents, and a recovery of values ​​such as respect, patience and tolerance at home and in schools, in the education of children.

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