Masks for children and parents. Carnival Crafts

Masks for children and parents. Carnival Crafts

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Nice butterfly mask for Carnival. Place a gola, and it's ready!

Do you want to dress up as a harlequin at carnival? You only need to print the silhouette of this mask, stick colored cardboard and decorate it with stickers.

With this mask you will get a whole rainbow for your Carnival costume. Cut the silhouette out of cardboard and glue pens or colored paper around it, leaving it sticking out at the top.

Simple and brilliant mask with antennas. With a cardboard covered with glitter, form the mask, and decorate it with antennas and mobile owls to disguise yourself as a butterfly, a bee ... whatever you like the most!

Fabric scraps can be a good way to turn a Carnival mask into a fancy costume. You just have to cut the mask and stick a lace fabric that we like.

This design can serve as part of a happy and colorful costume for Carnival. Design the shape of the mask and decorate it with colored feathers or paper strips, mix them to form multicolored designs.

If you want to give your black Carnival mask an elegant look without too many complications, cut out some ornaments out of gold card stock and glue a bit of lace around the mask.

A simple mask can become a very cheerful costume simply by sticking some feathers or colored paper on it. Go making layers so that they protrude from the limit and you will get a very original effect.

Making your child a lion costume is very simple. Cut out the cardboard silhouette and cover it with fabric, cardboard or whatever material you prefer, in brown, and place the orange mane around it.

Dazzle with this sequin covered eye mask. Combine it with feathers, glitter and other decorations in the colors you like the most.

Follow the silhouette that we suggest in this design and you will turn your child into a real imp. You just have to copy the shape of this mask on a red cardboard and cut it out, complete the costume with a cape and it will be ready!

The Venice Carnival is one of the most admired. Now you can be inspired by it to create an elegant mask like this one, with red and black glitter, choosing the designs that you like the most.

One of the most popular costumes among children is that of an Indian. A very simple version of this costume can be to cut out a mask and place feathers on top.

If you want a very special design for your Carnival mask, dare with this fun proposal. Its original shape is even more colorful thanks to the decoration, which you can do as you like.

You only need a nice wrapping paper to decorate your carnival mask. Cut out the silhouette, cover it with wrapping paper and place three triangles on top, in the form of a crown, a harlequin hat or simply to decorate.

With this spectacular mask you are sure to be the most original of the Carnival party. A striking and showy 'plumage' to have fun during these holidays.

A spectacular display of colors with this eye-catching mask. Overlap layers of feathers or colored strips, combining the ones you like best, for example in red with a black border.

Do you want your daughter to feel like a princess at Carnival? Here's a princess mask that you can easily make out of gold construction paper and pink and gold glitter trim.

If your child wants to feel like Batman, you just have to dress him in black and cut out a mask like this. With elements this simple you can make a craft for your child to become a superhero.

By reusing scraps we can create very colorful and original crafts. With a piece of fabric and some sequins you can make a mask as complete as this one to celebrate Carnival with the children.

Children love bright and cheerful colors. You are sure to like to decorate your Carnival mask with this colorful glitter design.

This mask is very easy to make and will make your daughter feel like a fairy tale character. All you need is white construction paper and gold trim to create a delicate butterfly.

The Venice Carnival is well known, and here you have a beautiful mask inspired by this party. Cut out the cardboard silhouette and decorate it with colored paper, glitter, and accordion paper circles.

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