Ideas to take advantage of the remains of Christmas meals

Ideas to take advantage of the remains of Christmas meals

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The same thing happens to us every year, at the end of Christmas the marzipans, nougat, polvorones and other sweets pile up in a closet where we end up forgetting them for months and finally, they end up in the trash. And not only that, we also have a fridge full of prawns, leftover turkey or fish that we bake

In We propose original and easy cooking recipes to avoid throwing away all those Christmas sweets or the leftovers of meals and take advantage of them in the preparation of appetizers, first courses, cakes or biscuits.

1- Polvorones and mantecados: you can make a delicious sponge cake with them. You just have to use the classic recipe and substitute the flour for the crushed polvorones. It will have a spectacular touch.

2- Pralines and chocolates: we suggest you make an exquisite brownie using all those bonbons and chocolates that have been left over. It is an easy recipe to make and very tasty.

3- Hard nougat: with all the hard almond nougat that has been left over, we can make a delicious Santiago cake. A perfect dessert for the whole family.

4- Soft nougat: It is perfect for different types of sweets, be it muffins, cookies, cupcakes or cakes. But we recommend you make a delicious nougat ice cream or an original flan.

5- Prawns: If there are some left, you can cook the children a risotto with peas. A very tasty and nutritious dish.

6- Marzipan: crushing about 150 grams of marzipan and mixing it with two egg yolks, 100 ml of liquid cream and the two whites whipped to the point of snow, we will obtain a delicious marzipan mousse that will be difficult to resist.

7- Chicken or turkey: with the remains we can cook some croquettes, one of the star dishes of children.

8- Fish: If we made fish in the oven and there was a lot left over, we suggest you cook some fish meatballs.

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