Belly pain after orgasm

Belly pain after orgasm

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The orgasm It is the most pleasant moment of a sexual relationship, where the climax is reached during sex. However, for many women intercourse can cause certain discomfort, either due to vaginal dryness or due to abdominal pain during or after sexual intercourse.

Although climax is beneficial for the conception of a baby, for the skin and even for the mood, some women suffer certain pains in the belly right after reaching orgasm.

When an orgasm occurs, a wave of pleasure invades the body. The body experiences a jolt that causes a hormone called oxytocin to be released as well as endorphins. It is thanks to this liberation that the body suffers certain involuntary pelvic spasms and in the vaginal area in the case of women, which makes the lopenings of the vagina contract due to muscle contractions.

The sensation of climax is total, and can be more or less intense depending on the sexual relationship. But if it is something pleasant, why can it feel belly pain after orgasm? It is precisely due to the contractions that occur in the part of the pelvic floor and that are uncontrollable by pleasure, since this can cause a distention in the lower abdomen and pain just after the wave of pleasure.

When the lower part of the belly hurts after an orgasm, and it occurs at a specific time of the month, it is advisable to look at which day of the menstrual cycle we are on. Reaching the climax can reduce the tension or discomfort of menstruation, but it can accentuate a pain if we are at the time of the ovulation.

However, when the pain is persistent and has nothing to do with the menstrual cycle or the contractions of the orgasm itself, it is advisable to look further in case it could be a medical problem. The cause that can produce the discomfort of the belly after satisfactory sexual intercourse may underlie the so-called polycystic ovaries. At the time of orgasm, these contractions of pleasure reach the ovaries, and when pain appears for no reason, it may have to do with an internal problem, such as ovarian cysts, or even an infection, which it is always advisable to consult and contrast with a medical specialist.

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