An amazing method to calm your baby's crying immediately

An amazing method to calm your baby's crying immediately

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There is nothing that makes a parent more nervous than the heartbroken crying of their child. When you don't know why he's crying, you feel terribly frustrated. When you don't know how to calm their crying, desperate.

But finally a solution arrives: a revolutionary method to suddenly calm a baby's crying. It is not any medicine or strange contraption. You only need your hands. We explain what the 'the hold' method consists of to calm your baby.

The method has been created by the pediatrician Bob hamilton of Santa Monica, in the United States. Is named 'The Hold', which comes to mean 'Subjection'. And it is nothing but a specific way to hold the baby.

Suppose your baby cries inconsolably. The reason does not matter. He just cries, and he cries with all his might. According to this method, what you have to do is hold the little one firmly in this way:

1. With one hand you gently support his head, from front to back. Your hand, below his chin.

2. Use that same hand to hold the baby's arms against your chest.

3. The other hand, under your butt, supports the weight of your body.

4. You put him in an upright position and turn his body 45º.

5. Make very gentle movements of your hips, moving the hand that supports your weight in a circular motion.

6. Rock him gently up and down.

1. Put it lying on your forearm: With his stomach face down, on your forearm, lying down the entire length of your arm. It is a position that helps them when they have pain due to infant colic.

2. Swaddling the baby: This technique is very old and is called Swaddling. It consists of wrapping the baby as if it were a cocoon. This makes you feel more secure and comforted, since the feeling you have is similar to what you felt inside the womb.

3. The bucket bath: It is a fairly tall bucket that many parents use to bathe their baby. The goal is to achieve a posture that benefits them to expel gas. It is used to combat infant colic.

4. Relaxing music: Music helps your baby fall asleep and relax. Try classical music or piano music. Babies love it, and it has a lot more cognitive benefits for them.

5. Clothes with the scent of mom: A T-shirt with your mother's scent makes you calm down when she's not around. Babies have a highly developed sense of smell and are able to recognize people by their smell.

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