No spinach, tuna or swordfish for babies and pregnant women

No spinach, tuna or swordfish for babies and pregnant women

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The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) toughens food alerts after reviewing the effect of metals on health. The agency advises against the consumption of chard, spinach, bluefin tuna or swordfish by children under three years of age and pregnant women.

The Agency strongly recommends not consuming these foods due to their high mercury contamination. These large species accumulate in their fatty tissues the mercury that they absorb from their prey in its most toxic form (methylmercury). The metal, generated largely by industrial activity, when ingested by women during pregnancy, it can cause serious alterations in the neural development of the fetus, and the same can occur in young children.

So now you know, no spinach, chard, lettuce or beets in the purees or in the porridge of babies under one year old, much less in the food plate of pregnant or lactating women.

In addition, AESAN recommends not giving more than one serving per day of these vegetables to children between one and three years old. Apart from chard and spinach, the consumption of large fish is not recommended due to its high mercury content, nor of crustaceans, due to cadmium, a heavy metal that can also be found in shellfish. The metal binds to the human liver and kidney and can cause kidney dysfunction.

As for the nitrate found in the leaves of spinach and chard, it is not very toxic in itself, but when consumed by humans it is transformed into nitrites, which can cause cyanosis (baby with bluish skin), due to the lack of oxygen in the blood. , and in some cases be linked to gastric cancer.

For children between three and 12 years of age, AESAN advises limiting to 50 gr. a week the consumption of any of the aforementioned fish. If there is something positive in all this, it is the awakening of the need for us to monitor and be attentive to what we eat and give to our children, and to reflect on the need to improve our commitment to the environment and the environment.

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