Crafts for Christmas. Rope balls

Crafts for Christmas. Rope balls

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The ChristmasWhatever our religious beliefs, it is a fact that marks the dynamics of families almost all over the world. These are days of school recess, many companies close, and only in shops and stores is there an air of feverish activity. Whether or not we believe in Santa Claus or in the wise men, the truth is that in the last days of the year the role of children tends to prevail.

To keep the little ones entertained, we can 'dress up' as artisans and make balls of yarn to decorate. When they are ready they will look beautiful hanging from a lamp, Christmas tree or the ceiling of the children's room.

  • Several meters of rope or thread (raffia, cotton, wool ...) 4 or 5 millimeters thick
  • Small balloons
  • Cola, a container and some good scissors (if possible blunt)
  • Brush
  • Needle
  • Thread to hang it from the Christmas tree

1. The first thing is to inflate the balloons of the size you want, they can all be the same or of different sizes, as you prefer.

2. If we are ready, we take the container and mix three parts of glue with one of water. We stir and then with the help of a brush we apply it on the balloon.

3. Put the yarn around the balloon going round and round. Click the balloon at the end of the process, when it is dry, and you will have an original Christmas ball made by you.

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