Mom, what's for dinner today?

Mom, what's for dinner today?

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The million dollar question: what do I prepare for dinner for the children today? Some parents have it very easy and do not complicate the night, turning to frozen and precooked foods, fried foods and fast foods.

I think that for one day, we have all done it, that's fine, but turning that into a daily habit can harm the health of children, especially when it comes to dinner.

There are seasons that we are more inspired than others to prepare dinner for our children, but there are days that one does not know what to do since dinner is not and should not be the same as food. The popular saying that we all know that we should 'have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar' is true. In addition, who follows it, manages to lose weight or maintain the line, and in the case of children, it manages to prevent obesity.

At dinner, what counts is eating something light, simple and healthy at the same time. Something that allows to nourish and slow down the rhythm of the children, and thus prepare them for rest and sleep. The younger the child, the sooner dinner should be. It is important that the little ones have time to digest before going to bed. Ideally, they should eat at least two hours before going to bed, and that dinner should be simple, very light, avoiding strong and very solid foods. Nor do you have to be abundant. Going to bed on a full stomach can compromise children's sleep.

It is also important that the menu is varied, and that it is a complement to what the child has eaten during the meal. For starters, vegetables, both raw, roasted or cooked, in the form of skewers or purees, are highly recommended. Salads or soups, especially when the child has eaten pasta, rice or potatoes at noon, are a good proposal. Lettuces are highly recommended to relax children.

Then, you can complement the dinner with an omelette, with turkey, chicken or fish fillets, or even with some fresh sausages. Once and twice a week at most, children can also experience homemade patties, sandwiches, croquettes or hamburgers, mini-pizzas or fish sticks. And as for dessert, nothing better than fruit, in pieces or in juice, or some dairy (a glass of milk, yogurt ...).

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