Blacita. Short poem about recklessness

Blacita. Short poem about recklessness

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Poetry is not for adults. It is a great way to transmit values ​​to young children in a simple way. Use rhyming poetry to explain complex words and even emotions.

In this case, Blacita is a sheep that continues without thinking about the rest. The recklessness of the other more rebellious sheep puts Blacita in serious danger. This poem has several messages that you can explain your child. For example, that of common sense, responsibility and recklessness. And of course, the ability to make decisions and not follow others if you understand that they will not lead you on the right track.

Two sheep were walking away

of the flock very quickly,

without knowing or noticing

of the danger they were in.

They were bleating happily,

mocking the pastor,

making fun of dogs

with much and bad intention.

Blacita, the smallest

see the sheep escape,

and silently goes after them,

none have noticed.

Reaching the river bank,

the sheep have doubted,

and taking a run

to the other side they have jumped.

Blacita, upon reaching the river

imitates sheep,

and the cold water has fallen

the little one with little legs.

Hearing the bleats

the two sheep have turned

and seeing the little sheep there

their hearts skip a beat.

Little girl inside the river,

afloat try to get out,

swallowing water, he drowns

is about to die.

They do not know when

the shepherd has appeared,

with the help of the dogs

the sheep took out.

The little girl is soaked

but he came out alive,

the pastor looks relieved,

it seems to him that he breathes.

they are very sorry for what happened,

it does not make any sense

the danger they have run.

Blacita and the two sheep

without having suffered damage,

with the shepherd and the dogs

happy they go to the flock.

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