Ideas for children to eat

Ideas for children to eat

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I wonder who has not used some trick to make a child eat, ever. I remember that some days feeding my daughter was a real torture. We had to use a lot of imagination for her to swallow a single teaspoon of something. We danced, we cackled in front of her, and so, many times, it was the only way we had to get her to feed. Of course, children do not like all tastes and smells, but they cannot stop eating.

That of having to introduce food little by little has given us many headaches. The fish, the egg, the fruits, the vegetables, and the meat, my gosh, it was crazy. It's the same when you take your child to daycare for the first time. The adaptation period, that is, taking him one day for an hour, the next for two hours, and so on until he fully adapts to the place, becomes very, very long. Parents who do tricks to make our children eat know, well, that this is not the best method to make children eat. It is not the best way to educate them in this regard. Feeding is a habit that should be taught to children from a very young age. How? Well, talking to them about what they are eating, how tall and strong they are going to get, how intelligent they will be, those details that attract attention and stimulate children a lot.

Another way to educate children about the importance of food is to explore a supermarket or market with him. During shopping, show him the difference between healthy products, which should be eaten a lot, and those that are not so healthy, which cannot be abused. After shopping, invite him to come with you to the kitchen to prepare the food. Let him see you wash and cut vegetables, and prepare food. Make food and product mixes fun for him. Let him be distracted by the shapes of fruits, vegetables, how the apple is peeled, or how you cry peeling an onion.

Another way to convince children that food is important is to offer books, magazines, or tell stories about it. The presentation of the dishes is also very important when putting them in front of the child. A doll in which its eyes are two carrot slices, in which its nose is a piece of potato, and its mouth a good piece of tomato, will make the child feel attracted to eating it all. It is also essential that you choose cooking recipes with your child. Creating good habits when eating is the best way to prevent obesity, problems such as childhood anemia or other diseases.

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