5 discipline mistakes parents make

5 discipline mistakes parents make

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Parents want our children to be educated, disciplined and to respect limits. However, children cannot do it by infused science. We are in charge of making them understand that there are rules to comply with and explaining what they are.

Sometimes we think we are educating our children in discipline, but children show disrespect, bad behavior, and disobedience, so where do we go wrong? There are several mistakes we make along the way, how many do you recognize yourself in?

1- We educate negatively: Throughout the day we can say the word 'no' more than 80 times. 'Don't hit your brother, don't take that, don't watch television, don't talk with your mouth full, no, no, no ...' There are so many times that our children generate a kind of immunity and it has no effect . Psychologists recommend that we educate with positive reinforcement, that is, change the previous message to 'treat your brother well, you can take that other thing, can we read for a while? ...'.

2- We give vague orders: the usual 'behave yourself' or 'you have to be good' does not provide any information to children. We should be more specific and specify what we expect from them. For example: 'in the library you have to speak softly' or 'we have to queue to enter'.

3- We lose patience and we end up yelling or being stern in situations that don't demand as much authority. It is more effective to control emotions and count to ten and use firmness and assurance. The screams, even if they vent or unload tension, only cause the child to act violently and reproduce the screams.

4- Don't be an example: children are smarter and more observant than we imagine. Each gesture or word is assimilated by small eyes that do not lose any detail even if they do not look. If we do not follow the rules, are disrespectful or undisciplined, they will replicate the behavior.

5- Do not give explanations: there is a typical mother phrase that ends with 'because I said so, period'. We use it when we are too tired or when we have run out of arguments. However, for our children to act within the limits, we have to explain what they are and why they have to behave in a certain way.

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