What to do before the disobedient child

What to do before the disobedient child

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When parents find themselves in the situation that their children ignore them, it is important to know how to act to stop these bad behaviors and prevent them from becoming a habit.

Faced with the disobedient behavior of children, the attitude of parents is very important. It is essential that they remain firm in all the instructions they make to their children, as well as always be calm and speak slowly. For example, an easy way to get children's attention and to get them to listen is to bend down to get level with them and look into their eyes. This will make it easier for them to understand and process the orders given to them.

First of all, the best way to reduce or prevent disobedient behaviors in children is set clear limits since we were kids. Therefore, some essential aspects are:

1. Freedom with limits: It is advisable for parents to grant their children some freedom but within limits. For example, if the child is prohibited from watching TV after 10pm, but you want to make an exception, it is important to explain that it is a special day and make sure that he understands it.

2. Responsibility and cooperation: Encouraging these skills by delegating tasks to children, such as setting the table, is a good way to increase his self-esteem because he sees that his parents trust him.

3. Be clear and value the child's work: The demands should be clear and brief so that the child understands them and does not get confused or lost. In addition, it is important to include positive evaluations of the tasks that the child does well and those that he does without being asked.

4. Another aspect to work at home are some behaviors that parents engage in unintentionally and they can help reinforce disobedient behaviors.

- Do you allow tantrums? You have to avoid giving in to the pressure of children so that they do not get away with it and resort to anger every time they want something.

- Do you pay much attention to anger? Parents should not pay too much attention to typical tantrums because they can make the child understand that by getting angry they will get attention.

- Do you carry out power struggles? Many parents inadvertently raise their voices and aggressive behaviors when scolding their child, especially when the child is upset or yells. It is important to stay calm and not get carried away by circumstances.

In this section I propose some useful techniques for parents to apply when they find themselves in the situation that their child constantly performs disobedient behaviors and want to reduce them.

1. Reinforce positive behaviors: It is important for parents to reinforce the positive behaviors that their child performs, to prevent them from becoming discouraged or frustrated. For example, the most typical way of evaluating these behaviors is by praising the feat achieved, with a simple smile or by rewarding the children with points (as I already mentioned in the article Disobedient Behaviors).

2. Make the child reflect on his behavior: It is recommended that once the child has calmed down, talk to him to explain that it is not necessary to yell or throw tantrums to express himself and that there are other alternatives to say the things that can give him better results.

3. Stand firm against inappropriate behavior: When the child mishandles the material by tearing it up or throwing things away, the parents should stand firm and make him correct what he has done. For example, if you have painted a wall you should be taught to clean it later.

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