6 lies that parents tell our children

6 lies that parents tell our children

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Nobody gets away, not even the most sincere father or mother. All parents have told a little lie to our children at some time. We lie to children to protect them, because we do not know the answer, because we prefer that they do not know certain truths for the moment or because they have put us in a bind.

If we are honest with ourselves, we are sure that we realize that some lies are dispensable but others are preferable to the crude truth. We are going to deal with those in this blog.

There are lies that we cannot avoid, and if we did it would unleash a small tragedy, can you imagine which ones?

1 - What a beautiful drawing !: It also applies to a craft or anything they have lovingly crafted with their little hands. Let's see who is the handsome one who dares to tell the child that those four scribbles are not pretty when he comes to show it with his little face full of illusion.

2 - Time to go to sleep: sometimes the time to put children to bed has a directly proportional relationship to our exhaustion. When we can't take it anymore and because many children don't know what time it is, we decide when it is time to sleep, whether it is or not.

3 - It's closedIf we don't feel like going to the pool, the zoo or the toy store, there is no other way out. Arguing would be useless.

4 - Either you stay away from the television or you will go blind: Nowadays we also say it when the tablet or the smartphone is stuck to the nose and it is that in the face of the mania of children to eat the television even if it is 80 inches, there is no other than the lie of the parents threatening blindness .

5 - It's great, you have to try it: We may never eat a plate of green beans or livers and their smell repels us, but we have to tell the children that they are delicious.

6 - If you cross your eyes, you will stay like this: it is also applicable to the various grimaces that children like so much to the mania of rattling their bones or twisting their bodies.

If you think about it, the list of lies that we tell children throughout childhood is endless: Pérez the mouse, the stork, the vitamins in the juice ... We should therefore ask ourselves if the lies they tell us are also pious , to protect us, because they don't know the answer or because we have put them in a bind, don't you think?

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