How to develop children's emotional intelligence

How to develop children's emotional intelligence

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Parents can teach children to develop their emotional intelligence and channel their emotions. It is important that they learn to control themselves and to be empathetic with others. The Emotional education, is part of the child's formation.

The psychologistSilvia Alava He has given us an interview in which he clarifies how parents can know if the child has matured emotionally and how the development of emotional intelligence in children can be promoted.

When can we say that the child has matured emotionally?

There are certain situations that can help us realize that a child is not emotionally mature. For example, tantrums. They are very typical around 2 years of age, but when children over two years of age continue to have tantrums, it is indicating that they have a problem with regulating their emotions.

Tips for developing children's emotional intelligence?

To develop the emotional intelligence of children we have to take into account some basic pillars. The first of all is going to be learning to identify our own emotions and we also have to learn to identify the emotions that others are experiencing.

We have to learn to control emotions and for that we must find the necessary balance to know what is happening to me, what I am thinking that is making me feel that way to learn to control and regulate myself.

We have to learn to express and channel emotions in such a way that strengthens relationships and not the opposite.

Development of emotional capacities according to the age of the child

Emotions develop throughout the entire life cycle, but the sooner we start much better, in fact there are studies that tell us that from 2 and a half years old that it is already possible to educate emotions and what is more important than this. influence throughout life.

Children must be taught to think, to think about their emotions, to know how they feel and to detect how others feel, help them channel emotions, express them, regulate them, favor the importance of communication with Parents, with teachers, to also promote communication with their peers, also promote empathy, help them also from childhood to make friends, these are things that will help them and that will help them throughout their lives.

When children are very young, what you have to do is send them very very short sentences, and above all act more and speak less. Let's not forget that parents are the main source of children's learning. Therefore the father's behavior always has to be in line with the child's behavior.

When they are older we could begin to reason more with them, but never at the moment of tantrum. When they are calm, and when they are relaxed, it will be when we can talk with them and we can emphasize the importance of talking, of communicating feelings, in what way we can express it.

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