Matching names for siblings

Matching names for siblings

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If it is already difficult to choose the name of the baby, imagine for two. Siblings should bear names that keep certain relationship between themAlthough it is not necessary to be ridiculed by a connection that is too obvious. That is why we have selected some names for siblings.

In our list of names for siblings who are boys and girls we have chosen beautiful names, some traditional names and others more original. Among them they are related by their origin or by their context, so you will surely find some idea for the name of your little ones.

1. Emma and Adam. They are two names that connect very well for their smooth musicality and character. Emma is of Germanic origin and means 'strong', while Adam is of Hebrew origin and means 'he who comes from the earth'.

2. Luis and Ana. The relationship between these two names for brothers is found in that both are short and traditional names, they never go out of style. Luis is a name of Germanic origin that means 'illustrious warrior' and Ana is a Hebrew name that means 'full of grace'.

3. Arkaitz and Nagore. These two names for brothers are two Basque names that keep all the freshness of not having been widely used. Arkaitz means 'stone' and Nagore is the name of an ancient goddess of 'nature'.

4. Belén and Abel. The brothers can bear biblical names of Hebrew origin as in this case in which Bethlehem means 'the house of bread' and Abel means 'breath'.

5. Sebastián and Valentina. The relationship between these two names for siblings is that they are both long names. While Sebastian is a name of Greek origin that means 'the respected', Valentina finds a Latin origin and a meaning related to 'the force'.

6. Helena and Alejandro. These names for siblings belong to the category of literary names or historical names. Helena means 'the one that shines' and Alejandro means 'he who protects men'. Both are of Greek origin.

7. Guillermo and Beatriz. The relationship between these two brother names is their marked medieval accent. Guillermo is of Germanic origin and means 'the protector', while Beatriz is a name of Latin origin with a meaning related to 'the happiness'.

8. Ariel and Robin. These two names may be taken from cartoons, but they are real and pretty names. Robin is of Germanic origin and has a meaning related to 'Fame'. For its part, Ariel has a Hebrew origin and its meaning is related to 'the strength of a lion'.

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