Causes of constipation during pregnancy

Causes of constipation during pregnancy

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Constipation could be defined as infrequent defecation or one that requires effort, as well as the elimination of hard stools. There is no unanimity of criteria to establish the ideal frequency to go to the toilet, but in general it is usually once a day.

Constipation can be considered as a disorder or a disease, it will depend on how much it alters the quality of life of the person. For a pregnant woman, the risk of suffering from it is latent throughout the pregnancy, because there are factors of different origin that support it, but fortunately she has Reflexology to avoid or alleviate episodes of constipation.

There are six factors that influence or can cause constipation in pregnant women:

1. Hormonal factors: There is an increase in progesterone levels and this hormone has a direct effect on intestinal motility by slowing it down.

2. Anatomical factors:The intestines are compressed by the uterus. This compression is especially intensified in the large intestine causing intestinal motility to slow down.

3. Secondary factors derived from drugs: There are drugs such as iron consumption to treat anemia in pregnancy that causes constipation.

4. Nutritional factors:The eating habits that we used to have before pregnancy are sometimes not appropriate in our new state. The quality of food, such as its quantity, as well as its frequency of ingestion, will have a very direct influence on the functioning of the digestive system, as well as on evacuation. Maybe checking if our diet is rich in fiber will be enough, a high intake of fruits and vegetables is usually the key.

5. Lifestyle:If my lifestyle is based on sedentary lifestyle, there will be no movement or oxygenation and this will cause a slowdown in intestinal transit. Walking daily helps more than we imagine in cases of constipation.

6. Stress:Stress affects the digestive system very directly, altering the peristaltic movements of the intestine as a consequence of a reduction in the blood supply to the intestinal tract. I recommend reflexology in this case to relieve stress.

We will work all the reflex points digestive system including the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines, rectum and anus, in this way we will promote intestinal motility and peristaltic movement. The reflex point of the liver will help us to balance the metabolism and the gallbladder will avoid the retention of cholesterol and the formation of gallstones. Finally we will work the entire Urinary System to promote the elimination of liquids and promote better drainage.

One cause of constipation is hemorrhoids, but you can also help alleviate and even avoid them if you use Reflexology throughout your pregnancy.

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