Two years of waiting to conceive a baby

Two years of waiting to conceive a baby

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Have you ever considered that the best way to be happy is to value what you have? Many mothers do not know how lucky we are to have conceived our children naturally. Living with a friend the long road traveled to have her second child has made me share with her many troubles, uphill stages and a happy ending.

Cristina had the vital experience of having been the protagonist of both sides of the same coin, since ten years after having her first daughter in a natural way, through the lifelong procedure, she and her partner wanted to have another child . Professional commitments were delaying her second motherhood and when she wanted to try again, she couldn't do it by natural methods. They decided to undergo assisted reproduction treatment, and thus began their ordeal because time was upon them. In public health, they were told that there was a two-year waiting list to conceive a baby.

About to turn 40 years old, Cristina was at the age limit for these treatments in public health, which is extended to 50 in private and began to despair. In practice, she only had to wait a year to start fertility treatment, since as she herself admits, when you are about to turn 40, you are given priority and the waiting list is shorter for women in this situation. When they called her, she couldn't believe it, she had two attempts to get pregnant, the maximum allowed.

The first attempt failed, but the second one worked and now Cristina has her son in her arms and is happy. He was very lucky and is aware. Accessing fertility treatments in private health has a very high cost, an amount that many couples cannot afford. Currently, some 800,000 couples have infertility problems, according to the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF). Only 30 percent manage to conceive with the help of drugs and programmed intercourse, and some 50,000 women use assisted reproductive techniques each year.

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