How is a yoga class for babies and moms

How is a yoga class for babies and moms

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Yoga is an ideal activity to do postpartum since it can be practiced together with the baby. In this way, both of you will participate in a very special moment and it will enhance your bond and connection.

Yoga classes for babies and moms are usually shorter than normal ones. They last around 45 minutes to prevent the baby from getting too tired. In any case, the classes are open to leaving the exercises for a moment to attend to the baby's needs, whether it is breastfeeding, changing the diaper or calming him down.

Some moms are discouraged from participating in activities with their babies as they fear that the baby will cry or have a tantrum and this will prevent the normal course of the class. However, baby and mom yoga instructors often comment that babies relax in these classes and behave calmly and happily.

In case they cry or do not want to participate, no one is going to give the mother a bad look, since the participants are other mothers who will support and understand the bad time the baby is having. In fact, a climate of trust is usually created between everyone. This creates a parenting support group in which more experienced moms help new ones.

A Kundalini yoga class for mothers and babies includes a series of exercises adapted to each participant:

- The mother will perform postures, breaths and sounds while interspersing the movements with massages for the baby.

- There is also a part focused on relaxation where the work done during the exercises is consolidated.

- Meditation is also done: to calm the mind, develop intuition and connect with the baby.

During the classes the baby will receive auditory and tactile stimuli. All exercises will be tailored to the baby's needs.

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