How are children with high abilities

How are children with high abilities

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The belief that a child is special is the most common in families. Throughout their development, each child discovers skills that other children their age have not yet acquired and that leads us to think that we have a child with High capacities.

This belief may be motivated by the call Mother's Love making it extensible to the whole family or it may be true that your child has more developed cognitive abilities than is considered usual for his age. At this point we wonder what gifted children are like.

Professionals define gifted children or children with high capacities as those children with higher cognitive capacities than usual in their age group. But determining if a child is gifted is not an easy task and depends on many factors that have little to do with the school performance, for example.

Contrary to what may be assumed, a gifted child may have bad grades at school and that can hide their true abilities. The gifted child is bored in class, does not find motivation and is easily distracted, so school results are not as expected.

This can only be avoided if we provide these children with extra motivation, with a personalized attention to delve into their areas of interest, to foster their creativity and to continue to develop their intellectual abilities at their own pace, which is usually faster than other children.

Knowing if a child has high capacities or is a gifted child is not something that is discovered with a simple IQ test, but other parameters such as the talent, precocity wave natural endowment. Still, there are some signs that can tell us that a child is gifted.

1. They learn quickly and are able to relate ideas long before.

2.They have a good memory and vocabulary wider than usual.

3. They are discovered at an early age as true self-taught.

4. They are idealists and soon discover the Abstract thinking.

5. They are able to understand better than other children their age the world of the emotions and feelings.

6. They have a great curiosity That leads them to ask endless questions until their concerns are satisfied.

7. They enjoy a great variety of interestsThey are often impatient and develop a sense of humor much earlier.

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